4 Paths to More Beauty Right Now

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

We want to feel poetry in our bodies--

an appreciative appetite.

We crave to have glittering eyes filled with awe.

We want to be beauty-full and touch magick. Every. Damn Day.

Sometimes... we don't feel like that.

Or we worry we'll never feel like that again.

And that's okay.

Beauty isn't hiding from us.

It's not or dead or asleep.

It's we who are sleeping, Moon Babies.

The great news?

We can wake up to Beauty any time we choose.

Let's explore 4 whizbang ways to experience more Beauty Right Now.

1. Choosing Beauty Vision

We get what we choose to look for. Humans are wired to solve problems-- which means we're constantly on the look out for things to fix.

Luckily, we can use this same power in life affirming and magickally advantageous ways too. Once we begin actively looking for Beauty, we're more likely to bump into it.

Decide to seek Beauty and Beauty will Seek You.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." Confucius

2. Recognizing Cosmic Contrast

Life is wonderful, confusing, strange, terrible and always Interesting. While choosing Beauty Vision is powerful start, there will always be experiences we can't shoehorn into being fun or pleasant-- no matter how hard we might try.

To understand sweetness, we must know bitterness. Earth life is brutal and sublime like that.

Hermetic philosophy suggests that all opposites are merely a matter of degree--That chilly and hot aren't really opposites or "enemies", but simply descriptions the idea of temperature.

Both chilly and hot need one another to exist and eventually blur into something indecipherable. Where does one end and the other begin? Life is neither black or white, all good or all bad-- it's much more gooey and flexible.

We don't have to love contrast (or pretend to love contrast),
but if we can recognize the value and fluidity of tough or undesirable experiences, we'll be better prepared for more beauteous circumstances to flow.

3. Fun is a Beauty Magnet.

What is your relationship with pleasure? If we're feeling dried out, overwhelmed, bored to tears or full of anger 24/7 —

We're probably not having any fun. (If the word pleasure makes you cringe, it's a good indicator that you need some.)

Afternoon at the amusement park? Finding the perfect gift for a friend? Playing dress up with no intention of going out? An hour of coloring time? A candle lit picnic in the driveway? Reading trashy novels on the train?

What brings you pleasure?
Just thinking about fun will invite beauty in.

Play and Beauty are close friends. They often arrive at the party together.

Make a list of three things you do for fun and do them.

4. Taking Beauty Inventory

Much like cultivating Beauty Vision, filling our internal Beauty Bank is a replenishing ritual we can perform as often as we wish.

Write down your own Beauty Inventory. Just like inventory in a store-- leave no box un-turned, no button uncounted.

Start by naming the easy or obvious beauty blessings in your life.

Then, challenge yourself to go deep and get tiny.

Write until you've named everyone who has ever been kind to you.

Write until you've counted every flower.

Write until you're looking up the names of stars.

Write until you've thanked each one of your eyelashes.

Write until it's ridiculous.

Because the staggering amount of beauty of this life really is a bit ridiculous.

Which paths to Beauty will you take today, Moon Baby?

Witch On, Witch Boldly & Be Well.


Molly is an Art Witch, teacher and Beauty Seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life. Play along and learn more here.

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