28 Days of Beauty : Magick to Reclaim Your Essence and Sacred Bliss.




This four week e-course is lunar cycle devoted spell work, rituals, quests, exploration and prompts to reclaim your birthright to a beauty-filled life.


This journey will restore your essence and get you back to your sacred Bliss: Your creative juice, your magick, your Joy, your life force, your soul.


This journey is for you if:


*You feel dried up, burnt out, apathetic, drained, greyish, disconnected and uninspired.


*You're afraid you are too hurt, bitter, jaded, stressed or dissapointed to feel the joy, pleasure and beauty that is your right. 


*You have a desire to feel really alive, switched ON and in Love with the world but don't know how or where to start.


*You don't know what you like, much less what you want anymore.


*You're hungry to reenergize and deepen your magickal practice, your creativity, and your relationship with the others.


Why I Created 28 Days of Beauty


 I was certain my best days were behind me and I'd never be in the love with the world again. Everything left me, including my magick. I felt dry, purposeless and abandoned.


In the summer of 2016, I set out on a month long quest from moon to moon to Seek and be in service to the spirit of Beauty to heal my broken body, revive my dried up heart and search for my soul.  At the VERY least, I hoped to have a little fun. 


The results of the quest were so transformative that I made 28 Days of Beauty a personal yearly ritual and shared my findings via social media, inviting the community to join me.


-My muse returned to me in a wave of creativity

- Intimate relationships changed for the better

- Strange wonderful sychronicities flew in

- My resilience returned and my magick got stronger--


I got my Essence back.


Over time, the annual journey seemed to flow into continuous months of experimentation and discovery and has since become a way of life and the cornerstone of my practice.


This course is the distillation of my best findings from years of practicing Beauty magick; the guidance I wish I'd had during those dark and dry years.


Now I want to offer these tools and rituals to you, Moon Baby to support your quest to live the deep and gorgeous life you were born to have.


In a culture that is bereft of Beauty and has tossed the essential soul feeding qualities of Beauty, Mirth, Splendor, Art and Grace to the wayside, we need the help of Beauty more than ever. 


What You'll Learn: 


* How to clear the blocks that keep you from experiencing a steady flow of  Beauty and subvert cultural narratives that keep you down. 


* How to create Beauty drawing charms, spells and potions to create change in your life


* Craft invocations to Beauty and recieve inspiration when you need it


* How to work with Eros, The Graces and other helpful forces for support


*How to get in touch with your desire and use it to empower yourself


*Meditation & Visualization techniques for use in your Beauty temple and everyday life for more fun, pleasure, and creative magickal Vision


* How to practically amp your Beauty magnetism and be an agent of Beauty in the world to heal yourself and others




Is this a class on glamour magick? No. However, you can take your adventures in that direction if you wish, but we won't be focused on glamour. (We do discuss glamour magick in Rainbowmancy as part of our exploration of color magick.)


Is this a course on dieting and make up? Nope! You may feel inspired to experiment with adornment during this course, but it's not our focus.


Is this a sex thing? No. We will discuss Eros, sensuality, pleasure, desire and it's and place in magick and culture, but no, we will not explicity discuss sex. 


Do I have to be interested in goddesses for this to be useful? Nope! We'll discuss a variety of helpful spirits, intelligences and archetypes to add richness and color to your spiritual practice, but you don't have to dedicate to a goddess for this journey to be transformative.



What You Get:


- 28 Days of Beauty Meditation Guide (Printable PDF Download) with a soul diving prompt for *each day* of the journey


- 4 Substantial audio lessons. (Delivered weekly via email as a YouTube link.)


- A delicious and deeply healing Guided Meditation to use during the course and for tune ups anytime you wish. (Delivered via email during the course.)


-Beauty Magick Correspondences & Inspiration Reference Printable for your grimoire (PDF Download.)


-Access to this course forever! (And invitation to participate each time it runs.)


***Please include your preferred email at check out to ensure you receive all of your course goodies***


The Journey Begins November 30th.


I can't wait for you uncover and delight in the magick all around you and within you, Moon Baby. 


28 Days of Beauty: Magick to Reclaim Your Essence & Sacred Bliss

  • Your 28 Days of Beauty Daily Meditation PDF is available for immediate download upon purchase. All remaining materials will be delievered via email during the course starting November 30th, 2020.

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