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*❤️‍🔥Please include your preferred mailing address in a note at check out to ensure swift snail mail delivery.* 




FERAL: Banish Perfection for Wild Creation is an invitation to shake off perfectionism and cultivate your courageous artist’s heart. Play along with 4 powerful rituals to banish perfectionism and self-sabotage, create more freely than ever, and be initiated into the gleeful ratty Imperfect Witches Society.


If perfectionism is keeping you trapped, it’s time to un-hex your mind, claim your Weird and crackle with the creative magick you were born with.





👁️4 video email transmissions containing the rituals


👁️1 packet of Secret Feral Snail Mail stuffed with encouraging ephemera and talismans to assist you in your messy missions.


👁️1 Hour Long Imperfect Witches Convocation zoom call to revel with other feral beasties on the quest to create freely.


❤️‍🔥BONUS: Awaken The Art Witch Guided Meditation for healing creative wounds and stepping into your POWER.



What You’ll Experience in This Course:


🐺Meet your feral magick face to face with ritual and art


👻Work with your future ghost to ensure you create your heart’s desire and leave no unfinished business.


🃏Get down and dirty with tarot archetypes for creative freedom & curiosity.


🪐Uncover your own Benevolent Inner Disrupter with planetary magick.


🧚Play with the spirits of Spontaneity and Improvisation.


😈 Chat with your own well-meaning demons for inspiration and liberation.


🖌️Crafts, Quests, Counter Spells and Words of Power for snuffing out fun sucking doubts.


❤️‍🔥 Lots of messy joy. Lots of laughing. Lots of imperfect transformation. 





❤️‍🔥You feel like you’re "too much" or fear being perceived as “too much”

❤️‍🔥Fear of “messing up” keeps you from starting or finishing creative projects.

❤️‍🔥The pressure to monetize your hobbies has killed them off.

❤️‍🔥Your inner critic is a real jerk and you wish they’d take a hike.

❤️‍🔥You’re living in the creative shadow of others and yearn for a more expressive life.

❤️‍🔥You’re currently making creative magick but you sense you could go deeper.

❤️‍🔥You are 100%  DONE trying to do everything right for everyone. all. of. the. time.

TLDR: You're a freaky creative witchling chomping at the bit to do magick, make stuff, resist the psychic death of AI and meet other bodacious wild creatures.




📩 You’ll receive 1 transmission each week on Mondays and starting July 8th. (4 total)

🐌 Top Secret Snail Mail Parcels will be unleashed during the course.

💌 You’ll receive an invitation to the Imperfect Witches Convocation zoom via email during the course. Zoom Meeting Saturday August 3rd @ 12 PM CST. Recording will be made available.


Let's get FERAL. Leave your cute perfect human suit at the door and come on in. We're all weird here...


We can't wait to see what kind of wild magick you create. 👁️❤️‍🔥


*❤️‍🔥Please include your preferred mailing address in a note at check out to ensure swift snail mail delivery.* 

FERAL: Banish Perfection for WILD Creation E Course

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