RAINBOWMANCY: Full Color Magick to Make Your Life a Work of Art

[a 6 week color magick ecourse]



After being escorted by two guards, I stood outside the doors of the museum with a box of my personal items.


I had just quit a glamorous (soul crushing) job at a well respected arts & culture institution.


At that moment, life appeared lonely, hopeless, very small and very very grey.


As I walked home with the artifacts of my former life in my arms, I cried a good cry of Relief and vowed I would never allow my rainbow soul to be eaten away ever again.


 I dedicated my life to art, to magick—to color.


My insatiable hunger to learn more about the magickal uses of color brought me to a lot of boring and flat resources that started and stopped with candle magick.


As a working artist and witch, I knew there were more expansive, juicy, interesting, fun and helpful ways to use color magick.


Rainbowmancy was born...




Rainbowmancy is a magickal approach to living in full color; a cauldron in which the scientific, spiritual, artistic and soulful mingle to create a life that is a Work of Art.


This ecourse is a 6 week exploration of color magick full of quests, spells, crafts and resources to master the art of Rainbowmancy and live in full color. 


This course is a distillation of my best findings from over 10 years of  performing and teaching Art Magick.




* Color magick can be used anywhere by anyone.


* You don't have to buy lots of fancy stuff or supplies. You can start with what you have, where you are, right now.


* Color magick is easily customized and can be used alone in combination with existing practices.


*It helps us stay inspired and engage with our magick every day!


* It's BIG fun and it WORKS.





- You are new to art magick and you aren't sure where to start.


- You want to be more creative but struggle to find inspiration or motivation.


- You are a pro art witch and want to expand your practice.


- Your creative spirit needs a hug and helping hand.


- You desire more play, personal expression and results in your craft.


- You're ready to live in a magickal way EVERY day.





* The esoteric meanings and correspondences of the rainbow for use in your own craft


* How to See and experience the world like a Rainbowmancer with weekly quests and adventures


* Hone magickal skills in altar and potion craft for radiant wellness


* Divine color messages from your dreams for self discovery and personal power


* How to construct a rainbow Glamour 


*  Create an artful and accurate oracle for divination


*  Rainbowmancer visualization techniques for more fun, inspiration and healing.




  • 6 substantial audio lessons delivered weekly via email

  • printable worksheets for your grimoire (delivered via email during the course.)

  • access to a private rainbow coven facebook group

  • access to this course every time in runs




I'm not an artist. I can't draw or paint. Can I still take Rainbowmancy?


YES. This course zones in on the power of using color to empower all areas of your life. No drawing or painting required!


Is this an art class?


Yes and No. Yes, in the fact that we'll discuss the meaning and impact of color.


No in that Rainbowmancy is not a traditional art class.


Don't worry, you will not be asked to create paintings or drawings or receive instructions on how to use specific supplies.


Is this helpful if I don't think of myself as an art witch?


Yes! While the skills and quests in Rainbowmancy can be used in grimoires and art magick spells, color magick translates beautifully into any magickal practice. Experiencing the healing, helpful, energizing and empowering magick of color is for everyone.


Is this class about candle magick?


Nope! You can apply what you'll learn in Rainbowmancy to candle work, but this course goes far beyond the candle--


Beyond the candle and over the rainbow, Moon Baby...


Are you ready to make your life a Work of Art?


*Course materials include audio lessons, printable worksheets and a private facebook group.


* All materials will be delivered weekly via email starting MONDAY, JANUARY 18th, 2021.  


*Please enter your preferred email at checkout to be sure you receive all of your course goodies.

Rainbowmancy: Magick to Make Your Life a Work of Art


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