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Hello, Moon Baby! 
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My name is Molly.

I'm an artist, author, beauty seeker and magick teacher. I help beginners and professional creatives uncover their creative magick through YouTube videos, books, blogs, courses and Patreon offerings.

I believe it is your *birth right* to live a magickal life and I am here to support you in discovering (and fanning) your spark. 

"My Dream for you?
That you begin where you are right now and surprise yourself with the magick laying in wait inside you, Moon Baby."

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How An Art Witch Is Made

Once upon a time worked in a dark basement cubicle where I regularly hid in the bathroom to cry and throw up. After grinding in a very glamorous city landmark, I'd go home to cry in the shower where my hair fell out in clumps like over-cooked spaghetti.


As a recent art school graduate I couldn't see a way out of a hell that looked really good from the outsideI didn't even want to be an artist anymore. Burnt out, bitter and depressed-- just looking looking at my paint brushes made my stomach turn. 


Burn out lead me to the emergency room. I knew things needed to change or my body and creative spirit weren't going to make it.


I called on a local witch and tarot reader. Sitting on a couch in her apartment, she tapped her pointy fingernail on the cards, and unflinchingly said,


“You are not a victim.”


Rattled, I decided it couldn't hurt to believe her.

I wrote this down in big letters in my grimoire.



I threw myself into what I'd abandoned: painting, crafting and magick.


Then, I made my first Accidental Super Sigil and an art witch was born.

As the work progressed, cracks began to appear and light moved in: a new job, a new place to live, returning health, marrying my goregous wizard life mate and a giddy creative flow...

Things got really interesting when I committed to doing art magick deliberately.

Healing took place. Wishes manifested. Shadows were discovered. Financial goals were met for the first time ever. And I was having FUN.


The beauty I was creating in the outer world, woke up the subtle beauty sleeping in me and created a road flare for more beauty to find me. My inner world became a richly colorful temple and it was spilling out into Real Life.


Following creativity as a spiritual journey transformed a  hopeless ghost into a vibrant magick filled existence ripe with adventures, pleasure, surprises and creative freedom.

Now, I teach thousands of art witches how to rekindle their creative flame, make their own freaky rainbow magick,  and experience more joy and more creative freedom in their own lives.


My dream for you? That you discover that your power is real, that creativity is your birthright, that art heals, that magick is absolutely everywhere and no one can ever take it from you.

It is my vision for you that you begin where you are right now, today, and surprise yourself with the magick laying in wait inside you, Moon Baby.

Witch On, Witch Boldly & Be Well,


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7 Things To Know About Me:

1) If I had a mythological pet, it'd be a Unicorn. Griffin coming in at a close second.

2) I have three cats: Hildegarde, Cliff and Wolfie. All three came into our lives as adult shelter cats and they are *all* love sponges.

3) My biggest pet peeve is unquestioned cynicism.

4) I am a solitary eclectic DIY-centric pagan witch with a deep love of nature, beauty and conservation.

5)My grade school art teacher said that I wasn't creative enough to be good at art and later, painting professors said my work was "decorative at best". *Cue cackling laughter and lightning crack*

6)When I'm not illustrating books about Art Magick or creating resources for Moon Babies on Patreon, I teach courses on Beauty Magick and Color Magick.


7)My favorite way to spend a weekend is staying up late puttering in my studio, exploring the forest, reading trashy vampire lit or haunting a big musty used book store. (I'll be in the cook book section!)


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