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Hello, Moon Baby! 
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Molly is an art witch, illustrator, and bestselling author who helps would-be, fledgling and professional creatives become flourishing artistic magicians.

Through her books, oracle decks, YouTube channel and course offerings, Molly has helped thousands of people across the globe step into their magick, embrace their creative power and enchant their world.

For the last 12 years, Molly has lived near the shores of Lake Michigan in a tiny rainbow cottage which she shares with her husband and feline familiars.

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7 Things To Know About Me:

1) If I had a mythological pet, it'd be a Unicorn. (The kind in medieval tapestries that look like glamorous goats.) Griffin coming in at a close second.

2) I've never met a thrift store or rummage sale I didn't like.

3) My biggest pet peeve is unquestioned cynicism.

4) I am a solitary eclectic DIY-centric pagan witch with a deep love of nature, seasonal living, book arts, beauty and environmental conservation.

5)I have stripped at a local bar dressed as Krampus. Also as Baphomet...

6)When I'm not illustrating books about Art Magick or creating resources for Moon Babies on Patreon, I teach courses on practical magick and creativity.


7)My favorite way to spend a weekend is staying up late pottering in my studio, exploring the forest, reading spicy vampire paperbacks or haunting a sprawling musty used book store. (I'll be in the cook book section!)

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