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Art Magick: How To Become an Art Witch and Unlock Your Creative Power

By Molly Roberts

Would you believe me if I told you that you're a witch?  A crafty enchanter born with the power to create beauty, speak secret languages, weave stories and attract the strange and wonderful?


The serendipitous event of this grimoire making its way into your hands is evidence of the buzzing creative magick calling out from within you.  



With step-by step illustrated instructions and luscious photographs for over 15 projects, Art Magick reveals how to make an array of bewitched objects and establish your very own art magick practice.


Whether you are a curious beginner, experienced crafter, dabbling magician or recovering creative, Art Witch, Molly Roberts will be your guide as you explore a colorful animated world that lies just beneath the surface—a world where your imagination and personal power collide to create real magick


Rainbow Magick: 12 Color Quests for Art Witches

By Molly Roberts

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From meeting the inhabitants of the rainbow, to assembling a bespoke color apothecary, to summoning a color guide and crafting expressive glamours, you will learn to wield rainbow magick to enchant your spells, creative work and the world at large. 

Brimming with joy, Rainbow Magick is an essential guide for art witches, creative spirits and anyone craving to refresh their life with fascinating kaleidoscopic adventures.


Are you ready to reclaim wonder and journey into the auroral halls of color?

About the Author

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Delve deep into the mysterious realm of color and discover the rainbowmancer within YOU.

What if you could intimately connect to the wisdom of the rainbow to create a truly vibrant life? What if this magickal ability was available to you at this very moment?


This color drenched grimoire contains twelve hands-on quests to practically experience the power of color and imaginatively expand your creative magick. 


Molly Roberts is an artist and art magick facilitator. She shares her love of paint, nature and the healing potential of creativity through her workshops, blog and YouTube community. Her playful videos and illustrations have inspired thousands of burgeoning artists to joyfully create art and invite magick into their own lives.

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