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How An Art Witch Is Made

Hello, Moon Baby! 

Once upon a time worked in a dark basement cubicle and my gums were bleeding because I regularly threw up from the stress of the job. After grinding in a well respected glamorous cultural institution, I'd return home to cry in the shower where my hair fell out in clumps like over-cooked spaghetti.


To quash the anxiety, my diet consisted of two packs of cigarettes a day and throwing up some more at the bar.


As a recent art school graduate with debt that made my palms sweat and maxed out credit cards I couldn't see a way out of this hell (that looked really good from the outside). The worst part? All I had to show for it was being an artist. (What the hell are you going to do with something as useless as an artist?)


Even worse? I didn't even want to be an artist anymore. The cynicism and pressure of academia ground out my joy. Burnt out, bitter and depressed-- just looking looking at my brushes made my stomach turn. 


At the same time, my shabby but much loved gallery space closed. My only other passion that kept my spirit above water, my rock and roll band, disintegrated into bickering and flopped around until it died a slow ugly death like a fish left out on a sunny dock. 


After a particularly horrific and humiliating visit to the emergency room, part of me knew I had to get it together or I wasn't going to make it.


I called on a local witch and tarot reader. Sitting on a worn couch in her smoke-filled apartment, she tapped her pointy fingernail on the cards, and unflinchingly said, “You are not a victim.”


Rattled, I decided it couldn't hurt to believe her.

I wrote this down in big letters in my grimoire.


Shortly after, there was a blizzard. A whiteout storm that dumped feet of snow on the streets shutting down the city. I had to cancel all my work appointments. I was sick knowing what would become of my inbox...


Sitting on the floor in my favorite oversized white sweater, I opened my phone and read a death threat from a client.


I quit the next day.


Standing outside of the building was like being shot out of the bay of a spaceship: silent, airless and no sign of ground control. I had no plan, no job and no idea what to do.


"It is my dream that you discover that your power is real,creativity is your birthright,art heals and magick is absolutely everywhere. 


It is my vision for you that you begin where you are right now,and surprise yourself with the magick laying in wait inside you, Moon Baby."

I threw myself into what I'd abandoned: painting and spiritual practice. In the past, my witchcraft honored moon cycles and seasons. I didn't think I could really do magick so I didn't try.


Then... I made my first Accidental Super Sigil and an art witch was born.

This Super Sigil was a series of gigantic paintings that broke all the snobby academic rules. Pure Play:  Super heroines, lightning magick, glittery jellyfish and unicorn horns made from garbage.


As the work progressed, everything started to change: cracks began to appear and light moved in as a new band, a new job, and a new place to live, returning health and a giddy creative flow...

It was the first time I claimed the word and called myself, “Witch”.


It wasn't all fun though. As the exciting changes in my life starting rolling in loud and fast like a marching band in a Mardi Gras parade, I became frightened and questioned my sanity. Do you really believe you're talking to the universe with crayons? Maybe it'd be safer if I stopped?


I quickly learned that my friends weren't interested in the positive turn of events--or the person I was becoming-- and found myself very alone.


Maybe all this arty farty stuff was a dumb path after all? Too silly to be a serious spiritual path. Right?


Things got really interesting when I committed to doing art magick deliberately.

Healing took place. Wishes manifested. Shadows met. Financial goals were met for the first time ever. Dream travel unfolded.


My perception of witchcraft expanded too. The beauty I was creating in the outer world, woke up the subtle beauty sleeping in me and created a road flare for more beauty to find me. Even my physical appearance changed drastically.


My inner world became a richly colorful temple where there was so much fun to be had— and it was spilling out into Real Life.


Art magick showed me I could become anything.


Pursuing creativity as a spiritual journey transformed a dried up and hopeless ghost into a vibrant magick filled existence ripe with adventures, pleasure, surprises and creative freedom.


Art magick gave me the tools to grant my own wishes one day at a time--

To create layers of meaning, play a New game and play with my life.


Now, I teach thousands of art witches how to rekindle their creative flame, make their own freaky rainbow magick,  and experience more joy and in their own lives.


It is my dream that you discover that your power is real, that creativity is your birthright, that art heals, that magick is absolutely everywhere and no one can ever take it from you.

It is my vision for you that you begin where you are right now, today, and surprise yourself with the magick laying in wait inside you, Moon Baby.

Witch On, Witch Boldly & Be Well