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Art Magick THE BOOK!

"Are you ready to answer the call and awaken the art witch within?"


I am thrilled to pieces to finally be able to share this big ol' project and announce:

Art Magick THE BOOK. (I can't say it and NOT think of Spaceballs.)

This playful illustrated grimoire will guide you in creating your very own art magick practice.

Art Magick is witch-packed with step by step instructions for conjuring your own crafty art magick spells like

  • origami manifestation mobiles

  • charming charm beads

  • powerful wands

  • protection plushies

  • ancestral upcycled statuary

  • scruffy grimoires

  • blessing bunting

  • and so much more

Brimming with luscious photography, illustrations and helpful hints this lovingly crafted grimoire will inspire magick in YOUR life for years to come.

Art Magick is available for pre order now at your favorite quality book sellers!

Reserve Your Copy Today:

What kind of magick will YOU create?

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