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Beauty Elixir Guided Meditation

Updated: Apr 12

author holding paintbrush

headshot of the author smiling

Let's imagine a powerful elixir
This elixir has the ability to restore your Big Creative Magickal Self-

the juicy alive electric WOW you were born with.

Now let's imagine you could sip from this elixir any time you wish.

You can bathe in it, pour it onto the land, drizzle it on your creative magick and decant it into tea cups for all your loved ones...

[ long dreamy sigh ]

This elixir is REAL. Woop woop!

Let's reclaim your juicy alive electric WOW and conjure your very OWN personalized Beauty Elixir for inspiration and rejuvenation with a guided meditation.


illustration of a planter

Want to receive meditations, doodle-filled love letters, moon dust and art magick musings? Play along with Moon Baby Mail.

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When we are filled with Beauty we are energized-

our generosity, zeal and creativity are super charged. 

Our magick grows and life becomes richer.

And a LOT more fun.

I hope this little recording serves you well and inspires you, Moon Baby.

I can't wait to see what YOU create.


portrait of the author

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