Tap into your creative magick and awaken the art witch in YOU.


The Art Witch Oracle is a handcrafted divination tool designed especially for art witches, rainbowmancers and creative magick makers.


With images such as HeArtist, Scissors, Glue, Paint, Needle & Thread, Ouroboros, Vampire and Unicorn, this artsy oracle provides potent inspiration to unleash your magick. 


A little sweet and a little sour, a sprinkle of dark and a pinch of light- this balanced, encouraging and mystical deck will illuminate your creative path in insightful and enchanting ways. 


This deck features:


-25 vivid mixed media illustrations for magick, inspiration and meditation.


- Hand-bound Art Witch Oracle Guide Book


- Hand crafted storage envelope bag


*Shipping Included*

Each deck is lovingly bound and assembled to order.

Please allow up to 2 business days for shipping


Copyright 2021

Illustrated by Molly Roberts

Art Witch Oracle Deck