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This course bundle includes 8 witch-packed master classes for creative mages:


🗝️7 Keys: Unlock Your Creative Force ($150)


A 7-week deep dive audio adventure to collect and master the 7 keys to becoming an unstoppable creative force. Learn to wield creative cycles, create time like a wizard, expertly identify creativity poisons and craft antidotes for swift recovery, enhance your vitality, cultivate inspiration for years to come and discover your unique gifts and creative purpose.


🦄Unicorn Games: Self Care for Magickal Creatures ($99)


A 6-module retreat to master the restorative arts and heal body, mind, and spirit. Learn to communicate with your mythic mentor, create tonics, bathing beyond the bath, divination games, plant communication, talisman creation and expansive imaginative play for radiant wellbeing, resilience and BIG joy.


📖ROCK Your Grimoire: 14 Days to The Art Journal of Your Dreams ($35)


A 70 page illustrated ebook containing video links to guide you through choosing, enchanting and creating the art grimoire of your dreams. Enjoy 14 imaginative lessons brimming with practical how-to art instruction and creativity stretching prompts to create a magickal book unique to YOU. BONUS: Includes link to the Create Your Visual Language Workshop ($15 Value)



🦋28 Days of Beauty: Enchantments for Your Inspired Juicy Life ($99)


A 28 Day journey dedicated to reviving your essence through contemplation and flirtation with Beauty magick. Learn to create altars, charms, meditations, and invocations to draw beautiful experiences and partake in mischievous quests to awaken your Muse. Work with the Graces, Eros, daemons, and other tempting characters on a playful sensual romp to claim your birthright to a beautiful life.


🌈Rainbowmancy: A Course in Color Magick ($77)


Learn to wield color magick like a rainbowmancer to make your dreams come true. Learn how to see like an Art Witch, create a color cache, create powerful color altars, use color magick to grok dreams for intuitive powers, develop rainbow inspired potions concoct your very own (and very accurate) rainbow oracle for inspiration and encouragement, and construct a rainbow Glamour to get more of what you want.


🫖HOMEKRAFT: 30 Days to Your Bewitching Space ($79)


Somewhere deep inside every witch is the desire for a magickal sanctuary.

Make over 4 enchanting spaces in your home in 30 days. Learn to work with spirits of place, communicate with your home, create energizing and healing power places that suit your style.


💀STRANGE MAGICK: A Halloween Grimoire Bash ($25)


A brew of bewitching prompts, techniques, and art magick spells for creating a sorcerous Halloween grimoire. This art class is a little dark with a BIG heart and plenty of tricks and treats! Delivered as an ebook with grimoire printables and invitations to an annual Art Witch Zoom Ball.


❄️GLISTEN: A Wintertide Grimoire Labyrinth ($35)


An invitation to create a bewitching winter Grimoire with deep prompts, gorgeous mixed media techniques, and powerful art spells. Part advent calendar. Part creative retreat. ALL mystical fun.




⭐Enjoy LIFETIME access to the course material and invitations to join each live round of the class!


⭐DELIVERED AS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD (Zipfile contains PDF's and Links to Course Materials)

Complete Class Bundle

$355.00 Regular Price
$255.00Sale Price
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