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Quickly enrich and enchant your home for more fun, peace and abundance with magickally supportive guidance, gentle accountability from other cozy witches and bite-sized magickal and practial missions. 


Create the stress-less, comfortingnourishing, creative, bewitching sanctuary you deserve, Moon Baby.




Why I Created HomeKraft


Somewhere deep inside every witch is the desire for a magickal sanctuary.


Whether that sanctuary be a rustic seaside cottage filled with gleaming bottled treasures, a cozy hut tucked deep in the green woods with a sprawling herb garden, or a moonbeam-filled meditative retreat in a high rise urban temple.


As an urban witch, I've spent years hopping from dingy apartment to dingy apartment. I thought that a magickal home was so impossibly far away it hurt my heart just to think about it.


Nevermind not being able to grow a garden- I just wanted some peace, safety, and sanctuary. A place to remember that despite the noisy scary world, my space, my home, my inner world, was indeed magickal.


Maybe that magick filled home was for someone else. Someone with more money, more time, their own property and lots of help...


I was utterly, completely, and delightfully wrong.


YOU make a space bewitching, Moon Baby. And you can do it right now, with where you are, with what you have.


In this four week course, I'll teach you everything I know about home witching to create a magickal space that empowers you, serves your needs, delights your heart and becomes a place of power to weave more magick in your life. 💖


Why does Home magick matter?


🌿As within so without, Moon Baby!


🌿 It makes you (and anyone you live with) happier and at ease.


🌿It connects us to the seasons, beauty, abundance and sustainable magick.


🌿 It brings a HUGE sense of accomplishment and confidence!


🌿Home magick is an awesome way to express your creativity.


This course is for you if:


* You live in an apartment, house, yurt, tree house, trailer, guest bedroom, basement or cave.


* You desperately need a comforting place to retreat, heal, recharge and replenish.


* You struggle with making your home feel good or your current surroundings drain or bore you.


* You want to experience more practical magick every day.


* You want to know more about how to create the magickal home of your dreams but you don't know where to start.


* You start magickal and mundane home keeping projects, but loose steam.


* You're already a pro homekeeping witch and you are looking to up your magickal game and get inspired.



What this class is NOT:


❌ This course is not about throwing away all of your stuff and painting your whole place white. 


(We will talk about the magickal implications of decluttering and divination as an aid to decluttering as a portion of the course. But don't worry, you can keep your things!)


❌Buying lots of expensive stuff to make your place look witchy for other people.


❌ A “smoke cleanse everything out of your life” cure-all-approach. (Cleansing is only a tiny portion of keeping a magickal home.)


❌ Pretending that our lives are perfect because our closets are organized. 


❌ Adhering to hyper specific aesthetics. (You're gonna do YOU, Moon Baby.)


What this class IS:


⭐ A rich mix of magickal and practical projects, techniques & spell work designed to help you see and feel results in your home as quickly as possible.


⭐ Learning to work with what we have to get what we need.


⭐ Creating an enchanted sanctuary that actually works for you and those you live with.


⭐ Having tons of FUN and inspiring you to explore the powerful possibilities of your space.


⭐ Step by step support to create the witchy haven you deserve and a cozy coven to encourage and cheer you on!




What You'll Learn & Create:


In 4 witch-packed weeks we'll cover...


🫖Working with spirits of place, communicating with your home and divination through the home


🫖 How to create energizing and healing power places that suit your style


🫖 How to work with the moon and other planets to help you stay organized and inspired


🫖 Recipes for home keeping floor washes, sprays, spells and consecration


🫖 How to bless spaces and household items


🫖 Make over 4 enchanting spaces in your home in 30 days


🫖 How to address places that feel “yucky”


🫖Magickal tactics for decluttering, releasing and gifting items



What You Get:


💌 4 substantial audio recordings delivered via email every Monday for 4 weeks starting MARCH 4th 2023.


💌 Magickal Home PDF Zine with recipes and printable grimoire ephemera (Instant download with purchase)


💌 HomeKraft Worksheets  (Instant download with purchase.)


💌 2  Cozy Coven Zoom Meet Ups for questions, sharing and support! (Invitations sent via email during the course and replays provided.)


⭐ Access to this course forever and an invitation to join every live round of the course.


HomeKraft: 30 Days to Your Bewitching Space begins MARCH 4th, 2024.


*Please include your preferred email at check out*


Are you ready to create your magickal home?  I can't wait to see what you create!

Grab a cuppa and step inside...

HomeKraft: 30 Days to Your Bewitching Space E Course

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