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Delve deep into the mysterious realm of color and discover the Rainbowmancer within you. 


What if you could intimately connect to the wisdom of the rainbow to create a truly vibrant life? What if this magickal ability was available to you at this very moment? This color-drenched grimoire contains twelve hands-on quests to practically experience the power of color and imaginatively expand your creative magick.


From meeting the inhabitants of the rainbow, to assembling a bespoke color apothecary, to summoning a color guide and crafting expressive glamours, you will learn to wield rainbow magick to enchant your spells, creative work and the world at large.


Brimming with joy, Rainbow Magick is an essential guide for art witches, creative spirits and anyone craving to refresh their life with fascinating kaleidoscopic adventures.


Are you ready to reclaim wonder and journey in to the auroral halls of color?


126 pages of illustrated instructions, full color photography, soft foiled cover. 

RAINBOW MAGICK: 12 Creative Color Quests for Art Witches

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