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8 Cozy Magick Grimoire Prompts & Coloring Page

Updated: Mar 8

Welcome, Moon Baby!
Do you wish for more snug, peaceful and cheerful enchantment flowing through your days?
This post is brimming with ideas for creating cozy, comfy, nourishing art magick in your grimoire.
Grab a cuppa of something delicious and let's tuck in...

Give Your Home a Name.

Dedicate page in your grimoire to naming your home as a way to build connection with your space.

Intuitively choose a name or do a bit of research on the area where you live to inform your naming decision. Include some details in this entry about what inspired the name.

This gorgeous act of appreciation can be especially powerful for witches who don’t love where they reside.

Bring In Soft Elements.

Write, draw or paint directly onto cloth to make pages or create mini collages, prayer flags, bunting, safety pin dangles or bookmarks.

Play with lace, quilt squares, yarn or salvaged scraps from your stash. (I love using bits of embroidery thread that belonged to my great grandmother in my grimoires.)

How could you make your grimoire a soft place to land?

Create the Recipe You Wish Existed.

What recipe do you need right now? What nourishment does your community need right now?

Is it for physical or spiritual nourishment? Maybe it’s both! For example, invent a a tea that instills a pragmatic optimism. Or create a recipe for a pie that lightens grief.

What would you create in the witches kitchen in your imagination for hope, healing and ease?

Discover or Create a Portal.

A portal is a liminal space that leads from one place to another. Portals may be physical, spiritual, or imaginal.

Doors, windows, thresholds and hallways are examples of physical portals. Altars, sacred circles, mirrors, graves and groves of trees are examples of spiritual portals.

What space in your own home could be a portal?

A gateway to rest, safety, comfort, or to an entirely new imaginal realm?

Make a 3d representation of this portal in your grimoire by adding a flap or cutting a hole to the page.

Essentials For Your Magickal Home.

What do you need (or like to do) to feel at ease in your home? Create a visual list.

Are your essentials a physically tidy and spiritually cleansed space? Bright colors on the wall and a protection gargoyle at the front door? Coffee in the pantry and regular offerings to house spirits and ancestors?

Use this collection of essentials as a grounding spell when you feel chaos creep in.

Make a Nest.

Draw or collage a nest with lots of thin strips of paper and thread.

Use your nest as a visual spell for safety, security and to support any dreams related to your domestic, financial, communal, or spiritual life.

Imagine Your Magickal Party.

If you hosted a gathering or celebration in your home that reflected your values as a magickal person, what would it be like?

What would you do? What food and drink would you serve?

You may need to create a new much needed holiday.

Hosting is a useful social skill AND powerful practical magickal skill. Hosting is the art of Inclusion.

Explore this idea in your book. Perhaps this inspired celebration will spill over into your life!

Download a printable PDF for your Grimoire

Stay a spell coloring page
Download PDF • 1.93MB

Want to receive doodle-filled love letters, moon dust and art magick musings?

Play along with Moon Baby Mail.

Grok a Memory of Care.

Recall a time you felt truly cared for: a food memory, an object, a place or a voice.

Maybe it’s a memory of a childhood birthday cake, a special teacher who really saw you, or a sense memory of a special blanket.

Illustrate this memory as a direct link to Love. You may also find that this memory could help you create a symbol to incorporate into your own art witch visual language.


May these prompts serve you well in creating cozy magick and percolating creative ways to express care your grimoire-
And in your LIFE, Moon Baby.

I can’t wait to see what you create.


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