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30 Lists for Your Grimoire Printable

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Our magickal book entries needn't always be a set of detailed ritual instructions or frilly illustrative masterpiece (though that can be really FUN...)

Grimoires can be a place to track our progress and pluck Inspiration when we need it most.

Whether you are an art witch of the poetic, BuJo, hedge craft, kitchen or paint slinging persuasion, Lists can be a powerful additions to our grimoire.

Let's explore a collection of 30 Lists for Your Grimoire to spark magick in your book and your practice, Moon Baby!

+ Books you have read, want to read or would recommend to a friend

+ Projects related to your practice that you'd like to make: A custom wand? Candles? Bind your own book?

+5 Minute Witch List: quickie ideas for daily practice when you have a few minutes to spare

+ Subjects you want to learn more about: Cartomancy? Astrology? Herbs? Specific texts or historical events?

+ Sun and or moon signs of your friends, family and partners

+ Ways you might like to art witch in public: Bewitched fliers? Hidden books? Painted stones? Blessed sidewalk chalk drawings?

+ List of future pages you might like to make

+ Techniques you'd like to try incorporating in your grimoire: pop ups, inks, paint pens, watercolor, masking, squirtgun painting?

+ Magickal conspirators you would like to meet or get to know better

+ All the things you'd like to see happen-- tiny delights AND grand shifts


+ Collections or supplies related to your craft

+ A Witchy Wellness Checklist: What do you need to do on a regular basis to be at your best?

+ Quotes that stir up your imagination, motivation and magickal vision

+ A housekeeping checklist: cleansing techniques, floor washes, blessings...

+ Ideas for getting in touch with Beauty when you need a boost

+ Spell forms you want to try: Dream boards, knot magick, witch bottles, poppets?

+ All the times your magick WORKED

+ Deep Dive Gratitude list



+ Ways to honor or connect with a deity: Offerings, actions, invocations, recipes?

+ Affirmations and Words of Power

+ Helpful and insightful oracle and tarot spreads

+ Witchcraft A-Z list. Assign a word to each letter of the alphabet that reflects YOUR craft.

+ Witch-on-the-go ideas: What's in your purse? Your car? Your cubicle?

+ What do you love or notice about each season or any sabbats you celebrate?

+ Enchanted Eavesdropping: record clarion messages you overhear in public

+ Descriptions of your garden or plants: Include a few words about their name + lore

+ What really grinds your gears? Use these as a launching point for future shadow work + exploration

+ Your favorite colors and their magickal correspondences

+ Magickal locations near you: a special grove of trees? A powerful mural?

Lists are a fun and effective way to stir up energy in our grimoires and inspire our lives! Which lists will you add to your magickal book, Moon Baby?

Discover more ways to bring magick to your book and your LIFE every month with GRIMOIRE CLUB on Patreon. Sign up here.


Witch On, Witch Boldly and BE WELL.

Molly is an art witch, teacher and beauty seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life.

Need more magickal ideas, Moon Baby?

Enjoy rocking your grimoire with these prompts:

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5 תגובות

natalie dunn
natalie dunn
16 בספט׳ 2020

Hello Molly! I just found your site. I have been blending my art with my practice for about a year now and your site is a great find! Thanks and I look forward to seeing more.


molly roberts
molly roberts
21 בינו׳ 2020

*The link is fixed, Moon Babies!* Thank you so much for letting me know!

My apologies! WIX has a download safeguard in place to protect my work (unbeknownst to me) which is lovely, but I WANT people to take the art. Haha!


Margie Markevicius
Margie Markevicius
21 בינו׳ 2020

This is wonderful! I also am having difficulty printing, though. Please help. Thank you!


Shannon Crescent
Shannon Crescent
21 בינו׳ 2020

Love this post! I too am unable to save the image to print it out. Any assistance would be appreciated. Much love!


Hey Molly,

Enjoy your offerings so much! Although, I can't seem to figure out how to actually get this to print. Help, please. Many blessings to you!

Witchy Woman

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