17 Ideas for Green Magick Grimoires

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Art Witches can gain Big Time wisdom and inspiration through mindful experiments in nature:

Knowing which bird song is which--

Which shoots to snack on,

Which twigs make the best drawing tools,

and where the softest moss is snoozing....

Deepen your roots and unearth more magick with 17 green grimoire prompts.

  1. Create found poetry using a garden catalog

  2. Dip leaves in paint to stamp backgrounds

  3. Dedicate a page to your favorite nature poet

  4. Create a list of sacred sites you want to visit

  5. Find an item in your home that can be recycled into a mark making tool

  6. Reflect on a profound experience you've had in nature, translate it into words, images or story board

  7. If you were a tree, what kind would you be? What would you look like?

  8. Create a guide for foraging edible plants in your area

9) Experiment with using mosses, pine needles, stones and bark to create organic textures.

10) Illustrate a garden you visit in meditation for rejuvenation and healing.

11) Draw a map of your favorite trails & paths.

12) Compile a list of sounds you hear in your favorite outdoor space.

13) Draw blind contour portraits of the wildlife in your neighborhood. (This is a great technique for capturing the essence of a subject.)

Meet more magickal makers in the Moon Baby Facebook group!

14) Create a visual collection of your favorite grounding techniques.

15) In what ways and in which places do you feel the most connected to nature? Journal on these ideas, collect images and create your own meditations around these places.

16) Create a seed, shell or leaf saving page with little pockets and envelopes.

17) Mod podge flower petals over one another in a scale pattern to infuse a page with plant magick

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How will you explore green magick in your book, Moon Baby?



Molly is an Art Witch, Teacher and Beauty Seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life. Play along and learn more here.

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