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17 Green Magick Grimoire Prompts (+ Grounding Printable)

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Green Witches and Art Witches alike tap Big wisdom and inspiration through mindful moments in nature:

Knowing which song belongs to the bird,

Which tender shoots to snack on,

Which twigs make the best drawing tools,

Which flowers will be waking soon,

Where the softest moss is snoozing...

Perhaps the most powerful benefit of nature journaling is feeling a deep sense of connection:

Connection with the landscape.

Connection with your personhood.

Connection with your creative magick.

Deepen your roots and unearth more magick with 17 Green Grimoire prompts.

1) A terrarium inspired spread. Draw, paint or collage a terrarium in your book. What thrives inside this terrarium? Plants of a specific season? Green beings unique to to your region? A plant with special meaning to you?

2) Design a ritual or talisman to protect the bees. These pollinators were powerful messengers in ancient times and continue to create the world to this day. Research bee imagery and dedicate space in your heart and imagination to the myth and science of this life giving creature. (You can print your own bee magick zine here on patreon.)

3) Dedicate a page to your favorite nature poet. Let poetry transport you directly into the soul of the natural world. (My favorites are John Miur and Mary Oliver.)

4) Create a list of sacred sites or places of power you want to visit. These sites could be famous places or a secret knowing you have about a locations near by. (Then go on a quest!)

5) Begin crafting a Genius Loci Profile. The Genius Loci is the spirit of place. The spirit of place may be a particular haunt attached to a very specific location, like a building or forest or it can describe of the soul of an area like a town, neighborhood, city or region.

6) Reflect on a profound experience in nature from your past. What made it so special? Translate this experience into words, images, colors or story board.

7) Slip between the worlds and embark on a green witch scavenger hunt!

8) Compile a guide for foraging edible plants in your area. Visit your local library, ecology center or friendly neighborhood herbalist for resources. Attending local herb walks is a wonderful way to unlock the magick hidden in plain site all around us--and meet other witchy folks!


9) Experiment with dipping mosses, pine needles, stones, pine cones, feathers and bark into paint or ink to create mixed media backgrounds in your grimoire.

10) Illustrate a garden you visit in meditation for rejuvenation and healing. Is this imaginary place a desert garden filled with towering cacti? A rainforest garden lush with ferns? A bramble-filled hedge on the outskirts of town? An astral garden is a beneficial place to cultivate for relaxation, wellness and receiving messages.

11) Draw a map of your favorite trails, paths or walking routes. Note any special rocks, trees, plants, bodies of water, art or animal homes that you enjoy or feel drawn too.

12) Compile a list of natural sounds you experience while on a walk: animal sounds, bird calls, tree whisperings, running waters... How many sounds do you sense?

13) Write your own recipe for an herbal infused honey. Infused honey is a delicious (and easy to make). This honey can be used for magickal teas, medicines and enchanting baked goods with plant essences.

14) Create a visual collection of your favorite grounding techniques for quick reference. (1)
Download PDF • 743KB

15) What herbs do you engage with for health and healing? Deeply explore the lore, correspondences, habitat and usage of a plant you interact with regularly like mint, thyme or lemon balm.

16) Create a seed, shell or leaf saving page with little pockets and envelopes.

17) Wildcraft natural materials to make a magickal ink. Beautiful plant-based inks can be made with flower petals, berries, herbs and spices.

My personal favorite plant based ink: Steep a hand-full of hibiscus flowers in hot water to make a *strong* tea. Mix the tea with charcoal dust for a deep purple ink that fades to ghostly blue over time. Store in an airtight container in a cool place.

How will you strengthen your relationship with nature, expand your magick and explore green witchery in your book, Moon Baby?

Thank you so much for stopping by! Support this work and instantly unlock a massive magickal library of videos, prompts, books and witchy DIY's on Patreon.



Molly is an Art Witch, Teacher and Beauty Seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life. Sign up to receive monthly inspiration with Moon Baby Mail.

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