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Magickal Summer Checklist Printable

Updated: Mar 8

Greetings Moon Baby,

If you are reading this- you are a magickal creature. (Was there any doubt?)

Summer is ripe for restoring our wonder and celebrating the enchanted creature within.

Fireflies wink neon,

pink skies stretch long into the night,

ferns produce unseen blossoms deep in the forest,

and a sweet plump slowness takes over the clock...

Entice your essential mythical self out of hiding with a magickal summer checklist...
Energize your preternatural joy instincts, fortify your magick and generally have a riotously good time being the fabulous creature you are.

⭐ Get grounded with a picnic and invite you body along!

⭐ Throw your phone in the river for the weekend. Or forever.

⭐Go cloud, forest or star bathing. (Any ethereal light will do...)

⭐ Have a heartfelt chat with a plant friend.

⭐ Build a wonky sandcastle to house a watery spirit

⭐ Go on a date with a piece of ripe luscious fruit. Eat it alone.

⭐ Become a nap god. Win the nap Olympics. Practice the art of weaving dreams.

⭐ Draw a symbol to invoke visions of a hopeful beauty-filled future.

⭐ Lavishly decorate your head in mythic splendor, as is fit for a magickal being...

Download a printable PDF for your Grimoire

Download PDF • 1.23MB

Your play is powerful, Moon Baby.

May this season tease your numinous inner knowing,

inspire nourishing play

and excite the spellbinding beastie within.

Want to receive doodle-filled love letters, moon dust and art magick musings?

Play along with Moon Baby Mail.


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1 Comment

Thank you so much Molly!!! I love this list!!! Reading literally brought tears of joy to my eyes on a rather gray and sparkless day...I will enjoy working through this list of magical pearls this summer and making my own sunshine!

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