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How To Feed a Muse: An Inspiration Infusion

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 an inspiration infusion to fill your cup

Has your Muse evaporated or given their resignation?  
If so, we find ourselves brittle, less than half ourselves with mummified insides, wandering joyless like scorched sinews even the vultures won’t eat.
Maybe we feel alone.
We aren’t alone.

There is hope. The muse can be retrieved. It is an unhelpful myth that the muse is fickle. They aren’t. The muse is simply an ally with cycles and standards.

We can learn how to hand feed the Muse like a curious dove, gingerly pecking feed from our outstretched hand.

One mustard seed sized morsel at a time.

Much of magick is performing microscopic acts of love most are unwilling to do.

But not you…

You know this is how real sorcery is made.

How does one entice a Muse?

Let them see you throw away the rusty collar of Shoulds.

Throw a crumbled ball of perfection in the trash. This clattering sound is music to their ears.

The Muse craves to be treated like a Genius. (They are YOUR Genius Loci, your most local spirit, after all...)

a sphinx arranging flowers

A Muse dislikes being over promised to others. A muse is a generous creature by nature and finds it distasteful to be spread too thin.

If the muse desires color, support them with color.

If they wish to snarl, Snarl with them in comradery.


It is impolite to extract the Muse's goodness like crude oil.

If we gently tend to our curiosity,

a wild gush of muse power will well up

in dazzling wave of fluttering morpho butterfly wings—

A geyser of magick.

No extraction required.

If Muse mistreatment has occurred, sincerely ask forgiveness, and wait for them to and return your call.

A Muse is coaxed and sustained with the perfume of Dignity.

Delight your Muse with the juicy fruits of deep conversation and soul curling FUN. Court them with baubles and aimless walks.

Respect your Muse. Offer them your trust. Espouse your faith in them. Assure them it is safe to wear the tutu AND the ketchup stain.

Play them Satanic Doo Wop and rent them roller skates. Leave a trail of Dutch still life paintings and luminous pears, like crumbs through a darkened forest, to lead them home.

a victrola playing music

What a Muse loves the MOST is Beauty.

Entice your Muse with fields of beauty, oceans of beauty, garden mazes of beauty, libraries of beauty. Assure them nothing is too mundane or too strange:

highway saint collections, wooden spoons, rose hips, microfilms, or lost civilizations.

Beauty is life force. Harmony you can touch.

Nourish their Beauty fascination and they will astound you with the swiftness of soul repair.

Then, the ritual

Set out the spoon.

And chipped blue bone saucer and cup

Leave the kitchen window open.

Now, Tap your heart with the spoon three times and whisper,

“It is never too late

I am never too old

You and I, we are whole holy and so much enough

Let us feast on Beauty and Fill Our Cup.”

And then pour the tea, Moon Baby.

Fill your cup

Their cup

Our cup


This is how to feed a Muse.

I suspect they'll be 'round any minute now.

Want a copy of this love note for your grimoire?

Download your muse fuel below. ❤️‍🔥

how to feed a muse printable page

Download PDF • 10.67MB

Want to receive meditations, doodle-filled love letters, moon dust and art magick musings? Play along with Moon Baby Mail.

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Whether you're out partying madly with your Muse or patiently awaiting a creative rendezvous, I hope this note dusts you with inspiration.

Remember to leave the window open...

I can't wait to see what YOU create.


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