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3 Ways To Get Creatively Unstuck

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

" I want to feel creative and inspired but I just don't. Anyone out there feel this way? What can I do?"

This question pops up again and again and was most recently voiced on our Patreon Discord.

Lots of folks feel this way, Pumpkin.

There's nothing wrong with or unmagickal about you.

AND there's absolutely something we can do.

In this love note I'll be sharing my top tried and true tips for getting your magick back today.

Move things around in your environment.

My favorite spell for getting out of a funk is the Magic of 27 Things. This feng shui exercise is FUN and works fast.

It does what it says on the box: move 27 things in your home. Shuffle some books, rearrange furniture, rotate the house plants, give picture frames a quarter turn to shake things up!

Tell your creativity you're ready for inspiration by stirring up the energy of your living space.

When I'm feeling really funky, a sure fire way to bust out of a rut is to give my sacred space a refresh.

  • Clear off your altar. Or build one!

  • Dust, rearrange, revision.

  • Reconsider what's on the altar.

  • Does your sacred space reflect your values? Life season? Desires?

  • Feature items, images and scents that speak to what you'd like to feel.

Playing with our sacred space is an illuminating and low pressure creative activity.

And a powerful spell in itself!

As within, so without! (And As without so within.)


If your creative magick is feeling stale give it a gentle nudge with novelty.

Try a new craft, art supply or magickal skill.

Butting up against resistance to paint? Experiment with polymer clay charms.

Tarot deck feeling distant? Give wax reading a whirl or hone your tincture skills.

Switching things up isn't giving up. It's a fun and necessary part of the creative process.

This new craft or skill doesn't have to be related to your current interests or magickal practice AT ALL.

  • Sign up for a class or attend a demo.

  • Find a dance tutorial on YouTube.

  • Practice calligraphy.

  • Call a friend for seasonal coloring night.

  • Try a new recipe that feels *just* beyond your current comfort zone.

Our inner art witch thrives on newness.

As part of my ancestral magick research I recently tried my hand at wheat weaving.

It was difficult.

I didn't really know what I was doing.

It didn't turn out the way I thought it would...

BUT IT WAS SUPER FUN and I want to practice! A simple activity unlocked something inside of me and the enthusiasm for making was born a-new.

What would you love to try, Moon Baby?

Healthy Obsessions.

I think another way to speak about the Muse is to call them a healthy obsession: that thing you just can't stop thinking about.

What is calling out for your attention? Piquing your interest? What is flirting with your imagination from the periphery?

These niche or random interests are really the breadcrumbs that lead us to an enchanted place deep in the forest of our imaginations. During a long scratchy creative dry spell, I became obsessed with mushrooms. On a whim, I watched a documentary about the history of fungi...and fell in love. The mushroom obsession led to foraging adventures, documenting fungi on hikes, trips to the library and the seed painting of an entire series of fungi inspired art works. I'm not sure where this mushroom path is ultimately taking me... But I don't care. It's fun. I'm delighted. My creativity is awake. And right now, she's into fungi. Pop into the library. Watch a documentary. Visit a museum in person or online. Embark on an obsession walk to see what speaks to you. Start a journal devoted to your current obsession.

I hope these tips help you coax your creativity out of hiding, Moon Babies. I know you can do it! I can't wait to see all of the magick you create in your life- and in the World. WITCH ON, Witch BOLDLY and Be Well.

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Jasmin L. Charis
Jasmin L. Charis
Oct 19, 2021

Dear Molly, hhank you for your wonderful words and your inspiration 💖

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