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4 Tricks to Supercharge Your Creative Confidence

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Let's address an important question Moon Babies ask all the time:

How do I heal my creative confidence if I'm dried up, doubting or discouraged?

The Facts:

-Cycles in our creative energy are natural. We're not robots.


-Even professionals (We're talking Olympic Athletes and Nobel Prize winners here) doubt their abilities.

Bigger Whew!

It's okay.

You're okay.

Nothing is broken.

We can always get stronger.

4 Ways to Supercharge your creative confidence Right Now.

1) You Get Better At What You Do By Doing.

If we want to be really good at roller skating, we practice roller skating. If I want to be fluent in french, I'll practice speaking french whenever I can.

We gain confidence through experimentation, making messes and enjoying little successes-- all of which require us showing up.

We strengthen our confidence by doing.

2) Flip The Script.

The dreaded Sting. It happens to all of us. The pang of seeing someone creatively flourishing while we feel like we're languishing. It's a sucky feeling.

BUT we can transform envy into inspiration. Here's how:

Someone else doing what we want to do means what we desire is possible. It can be done. If we can flip the script, even for just a moment, and use our hurt/discouragement/jealousy as fuel, we're building up massive creative Power and Resilience.

3) Make a Decision.

If we talk about doing the thing and then never do the thing, we're telling ourselves that the things we desire don't matter that much.

Make decisions. The more often we can make a decision and keep promises to ourselves, the stronger our word and will power become. (<--That's where the big magick is.)

Your follow-through will blossom into self-assurance and creative confidence.

4) You Are Never Alone. You are Part of a Tradition.

On the creative path we are never alone.

No matter what you're trying to create, there is a long history of individuals who struggled, questioned, practiced and created that very same thing:

Art Witching, Painting, Singing, Tap Dancing, Crocheting, Ritual, Teaching, Book Binding, Poetry-- are all traditions.

And You, Moon Baby are part of that tradition.

Lean into the support of the creative spirits who came before you.

Allow that knowledge to carry you onward and upward.

We infuse our creative confidence with BIG magick when we practice, turn the poison into medicine, make decisions and claim our rightful place in the creative story.

You are READY.

You are SUPERCHARGED, Moon Baby.

Go forth with courage and bring your beauty into the world.

Witch ON, Witch Boldly & Be Well, Moon Babies! Molly is an Art Witch, teacher and Beauty Seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life. Play along and learn more here.

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