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7 Signs You Were Born to Be An Art Witch

Updated: May 24, 2022

Are you an Art Witch? Let's explore 7 sure-fire signs you are destined to weave magick and rock a creative life.

1. You've Always Been Attracted To Making

Since your days as a wee witch, you've been drawing on walls, making wands out of sticks and presenting flurries of finger paintings to be hung on the fridge. You created your own world in clay, crayons, sidewalk chalk, dress up games and crafty projects. It's highly likely you still draw lots of power from your inner child.

2. You Were Shut Down By Adults and Crummy Teachers

When unhappy and underdeveloped adults find themselves in the presence of a bright daemon spirited being they become uneasy. Unprepared or jaded teachers may have inadvertently tried to snuff out your light. Adults may have used cruel words to swat away your magick to appease their own insecurities.

This pattern may also manifest itself as difficulty with authority figures later in life. 3. You Crave Creative Time

You long for time and space to stretch your inventive muscles. If you're not stealing away in little moments to doodle or stitch, you're daydreaming about it. You feel an ache, get cranky or slip into sadness if you go for long periods without creating.

You want to use your creative practice to recharge, remember, gain perspective, sort problems, heal wounds (hell, heal the WORLD) and delight yourself. If a genie gifted you three wishes, one of them would certainly be more time to play with your practice and make things.

4. Your Practice Looks Different & That's Great.

Plastic action figures cozy up next to runes. A chonky junk journal grimoire lives next to graveyard dirt. Rainbow twinkle lights are draped over recycled hand painted apothecary jars. Seven day candles are dressed with dollar store stickers and magazine clippings.

Or perhaps your style is more refined, but it is unique to you.

You don't take yourself too seriously which allows for great freedom and flexibility. You are free to be a sacred balance of depth and playfulness.

It matters to you that your tools and spaces rock your spirit and speak Truth to the beauty within you.

5. You Don't Love Rules

You know that dogma is for the birds and too many rules make you prickly. You're excited to party with nature, speak with the Universe, commune with The Cosmic Enchilada in any way you feel moved.

6. You Know that Intention Beats Skill. Every Time.

Art Witches needn't be to be award winning painters or Pinterest gods because they know the essence of the work lies in the Intention. While some may be traditionally trained or naturally skilled artists, they know that a professional quality isn't what creates the magick.

Art Witches value the practice, the bravery in doing and the alchemical nature of the creative process.

7. You See Magickal Potential That Others Miss.

You experience a world that others don't. Yours is an enchanted vibrant world of possibilities.

You communicate with your neighborhood through bathroom graffiti. You scry for signs in paint splatters. You consider the magickal properties of popsicle sticks. The pallet of trees and sunsets fill you with such a pure happiness it sometimes feels like sadness.

Colors whisper to your heart everywhere you go.

You want to record the mundane and the fantastic beauty you find.

You are hungry for ways to creatively communicate with the universe, beautify your world, and find magick Everywhere.



Molly is an art witch, teacher & beauty seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life.

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1 Comment

Everything resonates......embracing the Art Witch journey!

This is an amazing corner in this Universe...thanks Molly 🙏🌻

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