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Dear, Little Witch: What I Wish You Knew

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Dear, Little Witch,

Maybe not always so little, but little enough.

I wish you knew

you don't have to cry so hard.

After many months of your hair falling out,

throwing up in the office trash can

and sobbing hot tears in the shower,

a beautiful woman with pointy fingernails

will give you a tarot reading.

She'll look you straight in the eyes and say,

“You are not a victim.”

And you'll believe her.

You'll write this down in your journal,

which will become a bewitched rainbow book you call a “grimoire”--

and it will come to pass.

And it all gets a little brighter.

You will get brighter.

You won't always feel stupid and weird, Little Witch.

Bitter teachers and insecure mentors will crush you into a pointy laughing diamond.

In time, you'll understand that unchecked cynicism and intelligence are not the same.

Your imagination doesn't make you dumb, darling--

It will become your most luscious and loving weapon.

I wish you knew you won't always feel trapped.

Soon you will learn that the only one who will save you is you.

A scared sorceress will wake up inside you and say

No, you don't get to touch me.

No, you cannot talk to me that way.

You'll throw that filthy apron on the floor and never come back.

One day, you'll see that there really are no rules--

That you can devise your own freedom,

and you will.

Over and over again.

You won't always feel dry and weak.

You will have the desire to make again.

Not only will you make art again,

But you'll cast spells again, pray out loud again.

You'll discover that the world

is much more elastic,

sensitive, colorful

and changeable than you ever imagined--

and you'll enjoy tweaking it.

You'll sit in a salt circle with glue and cardboard,

weaving a miniature future with shreds of magazines.

And the magick will work.

And soon,

soon you'll paint enchanted paintings that hang in galleries

and sing enchanted songs in a fucking stadium.

There is deep holy fun to be had.

It will freak you out, but you'll learn to love it.

Hang in there.

(Please, believe me.)

The real party will start when you discover

that no one owns your craft,

your inner landscape, or your thoughts but you.

You'll ditch the dogma for depth and color.

And no one will die.

The world will keep turning.

There are no Witchcraft Police.

Noisy folks will assure you of their authority,

but they can't see you at your altar

wearing a fringe dress and dancing to Jim Morrison,

with paint on your fingers.

(They can't arrest you.)

You'll get brighter still...

You won't always feel like you're not enough, Little Witch.

You'll find that you can touch the sublime,

the divine and Nature with play.

In a few years, you'll learn that interesting strangeness,

big moves, a rich spiritual practice and the sweet nectar

of everyday magick doesn't have to come from military discipline,

punishment, deprivation and endless self loathing

disguised as self development.

You'll find that you can touch the numinous with Play.

(Who knew?)

And you'll get brighter yet...

You won't always feel this heavy loneliness.

In the very near and very real future,

you will have gods if you want, or not.

Talk to your deceased relations if you want.

Talk to deceased rock stars if you want.

You'll have the company of

Angels and authors and trees and the moon...

When you recognize that this whole planet

and everything on it is one giant trippy, breathing,

dancing, dreaming, freaky animal...

One day you will nervously bring what you've learned to youtube

in a sloppy video you recorded on a cracked phone

and accidentally trip on thousands of unicorns,

magicians and rainbow creatures

who are here to exercise their birthright to a magickal life

and spread beauty all over the place...

And just like that,

you will never feel alone again.

Don't cry too hard, Little Witch.

You will feel more alive than you ever dreamed possible.

Keep granting your own wishes.

One day at a time.

One doodle at a time.

One spell at a time.

With all my might,

I am sending love and moon dust

from the future,

back to you, Sweetheart.

I hope you can feel it.

Witch on,

Witch Boldly and be Well, Little Witch.



Molly is an art witch, teacher & beauty seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life.

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