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Art Magick Spells for Summer + Art Witch Summer Craft Bucket List

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Welcome, Moon Baby!
Grab a cuppa of something iced and refreshing, come on in and let’s chat about art spells to create magick this summer.

drawing of fabric bunting with needle and thread

Blessed Bunting & Garlands

Experiment with creating your own flag bunting with fabric you dye yourself. Play with easy resist dye techniques to impart free spirited magick to your flags, bunting and garlands.

Choose colors that support your desires and let the summer breeze carry your good wishes through the world.

You can find a step-by-step instructions for this spell in my book Art Magick.

a moth and flower petals

Wing Adornments to Take Flight.

Wear wings, decorate yourself with wings, deck out your shoes, bike, and pets with wings. Use wings in your artwork. Be inspired by pollinators and winged creatures in your area to bring a bit of fairy glamour to sunny days and long evenings.

(If you need excellent wing inspiration, check out the 1999 and 1935 film adaptations of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. SO Sumptuous.)

Wear representations of glistening wings to heal a heavy heart, step lightly on the earth and let your imagination take flight.

Expand Your Flower Powers

Find new ways to incorporate flowers into your summer crafts and ritual to experience the delicate essence of summer.

🌹Collect flowers to press and use in your grimoire or create sacred art.

🌹Press flowers into wet clay to capture prints.

🌹Use crushed flowers to create watercolor paints for fresh and subtle magick.

🌹 Use your pressed flower treasures to create lanterns, bookmarks, or contact paper.

How could you collaborate with your local flora to create beauty?

strawberries and a bubble wand

Bubble Wands for Wish Craft

Is there anything as magickal as a big generous iridescent bubble floating towards you on a summer day? Kids are wise to the magick of bubbles and we can be too.

Create your own wands with twigs, pipe cleaners, wire, beads, and ribbons.

When you blow your bubbles, let your wishes be carried on your breath, and send your spell out into the world.

Strawberry Spell Sachets

Be inspired by the sweetness of the season and craft strawberry summer spell sachets.

These easy peasy paper containers are perfect for stashing foraged flower petals, decorating an altar, holding spell scrolls, or adding charming details to a witchy picnic or dinner party.

drawings of paper strawberry boxes

Seashell Spells for Flow & Healing

Seashell crafts beckon to the wild mer-witch within. There are gobs of gorgeous seashell crafts out there but pouring seashell tealight candles are my personal favorite.

Create seashell art spells to encourage creative flow, emotional healing and connection to the intelligence of the waters.

Create a "Preserves" Spell Jar

I grew up with folk who canned and preserved garden harvests during the summer. This spell riffs on the days spent in a steamy kitchen capturing elusive flavors for nourishment.

Create a jar spell that preserves qualities of summer that you would like to carry with you and incorporate into your life. Perhaps the blazing colors of a late sunset to use in dark days. Or fireflies at the edge of the woods to keep your inner spark alive.

What quality of summer would you like to bottle up and preserve for healing and inspiration?

drawing of seashells and a spell jar

illustration of summer craft ideas printable

Download a printable PDF for your Grimoire

Download PDF • 12.46MB

Want to receive doodle-filled love letters, moon dust and art magick musings?

Play along with Moon Baby Mail.

illustration of dancing art supplies

Analog Adventures

Unplug and enjoy archiving your enchanting adventures without your phone.

Play with recording your memories in a sketchbook or grimoire. Play with a disposable camera. Make a scrapbook. Record your summer as a comic.

If you do use your phone, find a way to bring your images into your art magick. This will help hone your skills of presence, observation and aliveness.

a quill writing a letter and a starry being

Star Stories for Remembering

Balmy nights invite us to visit the stars. If you live in a place with too much light pollution to actually see the stars, it’s okay, most of us do. See what you can see.

What is your current relationship with the night sky?

Experiment with creating star inspired artwork to open communication with celestial support and recall your own true nature as an adorable, interconnected ball of start dust.

I hope these suggestions help you sink in, savor and awaken the magick of summer in YOU, Moon Baby.

I can’t wait to see what you create.


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