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What Is Art Magick?

Updated: Mar 8

What is art magick? Is this just spicy crafting? Can anyone do it?

This is the working definition of art magick I use in my book Art Magick: How To Become an Art Witch and Unlock Your Creative Power:

"Art magick is the practice of using art media and art forms to create changes on the inner and outer world of the witch. By ascribing each step of our work and actively participating with our environments, we tap into the natural spell-like structure of the creative process and make enchanted art objects to transform our lives."

So what does that mean?

All of that is a fancy way to say that art magick is using art as the vehicle for magick, yeah?

Art magick is art as the spell- the means of expressing intentions, desires, wishes and experiences.

Art magick can be a means of attracting or manifesting, but art magick can also be entirely about the process- it can be cathartic, healing, or meditative. The making of the art is the ritual itself.

I’m often pointedly asked what the difference is between art magick and crafting or scrapbooking.

Frankly, on the surface- there isn’t a difference.

Paint is paint.

An art journal is an art journal.

A project becomes art magick when it the project is tended to with a devotion, given significance, and imbued with layers of meaning for the art witch. There is an animistic dimension to art magick.

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This layering of meaning- the act of making something special with our love and attention, the sanctification of your creating, is the essence of enchantment.

One of the things I most love about art magick is that it is simply a method- you don’t have to believe it.

Art magick making is a method. It is a process. It is a technology: You use it, you interact with it. You try it on, observe how your feel and find out for yourself.

Art magick can be blended with and compliment any spiritual practice, beliefs, non-beliefs or path you’re already walking.

Art magick supports us in creativity, experimentation and restoring our knowing that the world IS a magickal place and we can make it even more magickal with our creative expression.

The moral of the story is: Art magick is fun and you can do it.

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