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16 Summer Magick Grimoire Prompts

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Give your grimoire a sprinkling of summer magick and expand your craft with 16 inspired prompts for savoring Midsummer and beyond.

1 Draw a recipe for a solstice sun tea or infused lemonade. Start by drawing the outline of a pitcher, glass or bottle and fill the outline with drawings, collage or instructions for creating your solar beverage. *Lip Smack* Ahhhh...

2 Fill a page with ways you can invite more rest and sacred relaxation into your life: Naps in a sun beam, prayer, meditation, unstructured creative time, ritual baths, nature communion. How would you like to rest and savor this season?

3 How do the indigenous people of your area celebrate summer? Research, listen and learn. Record your findings in your grimoire.

4 Give thanks to the green ones of summer and the abundance of the green world by experimenting with "refuse" materials. Personally, I get a major joy kick out of recycling something poisonous (like single use plastic) into something of beauty that celebrates the earth. That's artistic alchemy, moon babies!

Try this easy bonded plastic tutorial to make your own ephemera, book marks, garlands and grimoire covers.

5 Illustrate a semi-imaginary potion you wish existed. Perhaps an elixir for "unplugging and restoring" or a potion to transform the drinker into a Truth Telling Unicorn. What potion could you use in your life? What powers does it have?

6 Dedicate a page to the names of the summer moons- or create your own names based on your observations and relationship to the land where you live. (Find more moon lovin' prompts here.)

7 Beach Magick! Summon your inner sea witch and fill a page with the magickal associations and lore of sea weed, beach glass, sand and drift wood.

8 Invite fireflies and the fae into your grimoire with glow-in-the-dark paint. Paint dots or flick glow-in-the-dark-paint over the page with a toothbrush for an extra magickal effect.

9 Honor queer magickal practicioners of the past and support the queer witches of the present by recognizing and celebrating their contributions to magick, paganism, nature based practices and witchcraft. Write poetry, collect research or create portraits of these people in your grimoire. Journal on ways your practice can expand to be more inclusive and enchanting for everyone.

10 Collect flower petals for magickally infused paper making. Dry your flowers and whir them in the blender with soaked paper scraps. Stretch an old pair of tights over a picture frame to create a screen. Pour the paper gloop onto the screen, spread it evenly and allow it to dry in the sun. Use this enchanted paper for any art witching needs.

11 Make a "music box" page that collects all the sounds of summer where you live. Crickets, June bugs, song birds, trickling water, bees, motor boats, laughter in the woods. What songs does your summer music box play?

12 Work with the solar energies of summer to create sunsposure prints with plants or other objects you've collected. This etheral "cyanotype" technique developed as an alternative photography method in the 1800s. You can create your own cyanotypes with a kit that contains potassium ferricyanide OR create a "faux cyanotype" sunsposure print.

Create your faux cyanotype print by placing leaves, flowers or feathers onto dark construction paper, lightly misting the surface of the paper with a 1-1 bleach to water solution and allowing the print to dry in the sun. (You can find over 150 elementally inspired art magick crafts and grimoire prompts videos here.)

13 Invoke feelings of a Midsummer Nights Dream into your grimoire with fairie magick. Create a fairy collage page, write a rhyme for Puck, investigate plants associated with the fae or design a summer gown for Queen Mab.

14 Design a purification ritual that includes fire or water. Purification rituals can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces, tools, animals and people! What does your purification ritual look like?

15 Create flames with straws. Use a drinking straw to push paint or other wet media across paper! Work with warm colors in layers to invoke the feeling of flames. This fun technique is wild and unpredictable just like fire and is a great opportunity for midsummer divination.

16 Water spirits play a starring role in summer celebrations all over the world. Create a space in your grimoire to investigate water and water spirits in your area.

  • What are the indigenous names for local bodies of water?

  • Are there any local water myths or urban legends?

  • Could you create a water blessing prayer or ritual?

  • What does this body of water look like from a birds eye view?

  • How do you interact with water spirits in your practice?

How are you stirring up summer magick in your grimoire, Moon Baby?

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Molly is an artist, witch, teacher and author dedicated to helping you unleash your creative magick and awaken the art witch within. Learn more about Molly and play along here.

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