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13 Grimoire Prompts for Lunar Love

Updated: Mar 8

We're staring into the abyss of the blank page. Oof...

We've drawn the moon phases and neatly entered a full moon ritual in our books.



Now what??

Let's explore 13 ways to expand our moon magick and get more lunar love flowing in your grimoire.

1) Forage a local plant with lunar associations and use it to create prints, make marks or press into your book.

2) Create a moonscape texture by stamping with tinfoil, recycled plastic wrap or a sponge.

3) Craft a recipe for your own dream tea. What's in it? How do you prepare it? What words might you say before drinking it?

4) We've heard of the Strawberry Moon and the Wolf Moon, but what about your moon? Enhance your relationship with the seasons by creating your own names for the 13 full moons . How do they reflect what's going on in *your* environment?

5) Incorporate mirror tiles or other re purposed reflective materials for divination related work.

6) Create a gallery of creatures with lunar associations--both mythological and those who live in your area. Do you have a special connection to any of these creatures?

7) Document your gardening efforts--whether you tend a sprawling yard or a pot on a window sill. What did you plant? Why did you choose it? (Almanacs are treasure troves of grimoire inspiration!)

8) If you are a person who bleeds, create a spread dedicated to your own red tent space and collect any self care information that empowers and inspires you.

9) Experiment with a resist technique by drawing on a light colored page with glue or rubber cement, then painting over the dry adhesive with a darker color. This achieves a beautiful watery or nighttime effect, perfect for glowing seas and galaxies.

10) Do you have a favorite plant that corresponds with the moon? Work with it in ritual, visit it in nature or drink it as a tea (if it's safe) and create a spirit portrait of the plant diva.

11) Illustrate your favorite homemade moon-charged house keeping potions (floor washes, room sprays,) to reference during waning moon cleaning.

12) Dive deep and create a spread exploring your moon sign. Unsure of what it is? Find out here.

13) Make a moon cake to share with friends or enjoy during a personal ritual. Record the ingredients and draw an image or photo document your yummy moon magick!

Want more enchanting ideas and musings to support YOUR creative magick?

Experiment and follow your intuition to strengthen your relationship with moon magick and create meaningful entries in your grimoire.
How will you get the lunar love flowing?

Witch On, Witch Boldly, & Be Well.

Molly is an Art Witch, Author & Magick Mentor dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life.

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