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50+ Ways to Ride Waning Moon Magick + Feel Better Now

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

What would you give for some serenity?

Sometimes staying well in a chaotic can feel like a full time job.

It's part of why I love working with the moon: it's so simple.

While attraction and manifestation work get a lot of press,

there is a deep, clear, calming magick that comes with Releasing.

The waning moon in particular brings deep peace, grounding and creative direction.

Release, space, closure, clarity.

If we're feeling The Stuckness:

  1. Creative constipation

  2. Stagnation and confusion

  3. Fear of getting started

  4. Financial obstacles

  5. Overwhelm 

  6. Low self esteem

  7. Muddy communications and mixed messages

  8. Funks (not the good kind)

  9. Anxious thoughts, Tunnel vision, Paranoia...

Waning moon inspiration can be the perfect medicine.

Let's look at 50+ ways to work with the waning moon and bring more peace, space and healing magick into your life, Moon Baby.

Clear off your computer desk top and empty the trash

Air dry your clothes outside

Give something away

Physically + mentally sweep your space

Walk at twilight

Brain dump in your journal

Compile your ultimate home cleaning playlist

Zero out your inbox

Open all the windows to move feelings of stuckness

Drink plenty of water (add cucumber, lemon or mint for a magickal boost)

Leave an unhealthy habit at the crossroads

Update your calendar

Get a hair cut

Break a sweat

Make art that you intend to burn or bury

Collect storm water for cleansing work

Lovingly hold your own hand and review your financial accounts

Make art that disappears: sidewalk chalk, mud stencils, water paintings

Experiment with a new form of divination

Unsubscribe from any lists or accounts that drain you

Wear a key or carry a drawing of a key to open new opportunities

Donate to your favorite charity

Revisit that painting, script, page, draft, project that you'd like to finish

Refresh your sacred space


Create images of open gates, paths and doors for your altar

Take a social media break

Try a sound bath meditation

Burn dark candles for Peace

Try a few rounds of Tapping (EFT)

Delete apps you don't use regularly

Ethically cancel or quit something you've outgrown

Mop your floor with herb-spiked water

Enjoy quality alone time with yourself

Reread your journal or feed to see your progress

Exfoliate with an invigorating sugar scrub

Plan a nourishing night in




Shake out your favorite bag + wallet

Take a cleansing bath or shower

Walk in a cemetery to put an old pattern to rest

Try working with the Ho'oponopono prayer

Cry if it helps. Watch or read something that helps you cry.

Reset with yoga nidra

Experiment with mirror work

Sort through your closet

Take a little break from caffeine and see how you feel

Make charcoal drawings

Tell someone the truth so you both can heal

Pick up trash on your block

Turn off your phone for an hour, a day, a weekend

Incorporate hand or face massages to your self care routine

Rearrange your furniture

Make a magickal soap to ward off BS

The waning phase is a brilliant time to express, release and create opportunities. May the darkening moon bring you big peace, wellness + much magick, Moon Babies.

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Witch On, Witch Boldly & Be Well.

Molly is an art witch, teacher and beauty seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life.

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