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7 Steps to Create Your Own Oracle

Updated: Mar 8

"It's too much. I don't know where to start. It's too BIG.

But...I've always wanted to make an oracle deck"

If you've dreamed of slinging your very own art witch oracle cards at your altar, you can absolutely achieve it, Moon Baby.

Creating a deck is a worthwhile journey, a meditation, an act of magick...and not as hard as it may seem.

Together we're going break the oracle creation process down into 7 little steps and bring your dream oracle to life.

1) Choose a theme.

What are you interested in? What kind of imagery speaks to you? Which colors are you attracted to?

A theme can be very specific (tree frogs of the amazon, Victorian witches, feminine deities of the Celtic pantheon) OR very loose (words, nature, colors, black + white).

A theme provides us with a loose framework, an initial structure for us to explore and organize our ideas. Choose a theme that is meaningful to you.

2) Assign your oracle a purpose.

How do you see yourself using this oracle? Is it for daily guidance? For encouragement and inspiration? For communication with deity? To connect you to your craft or bring more magick into daily life? To deepen your relationships with the elements?

How do you image you'd like incorporate this oracle into your practice? Knowing how we'd like to use our oracle will help us decide which form it will take.

The Art Witch Oracle Deck. Discover yours here.

3) Choose a form.

While thick glossy oracle decks are a popular, they aren't the only option.

An art witch may choose to use:

  • Playing cards

  • Artist trading cards

  • Game pieces

  • Wood cut outs

  • Shells

  • Card stock coasters

  • Small stones

  • Poker chips

  • Bottle caps

What delights you? What do you have laying around? How usable or durable is the material you've chosen? Anything that takes paint, glue, collage or your favorite media has potential to become an oracle.

Choose the form that best suits your creative vision and your practice.

4) Decide on how many cards (or objects) you'd like to make.

An oracle deck doesn't need a zillion cards to be effective.

While many commercial decks contain a mountain of cards, I've found 20-25 cards gets the job done.

Limiting the number of messages will keep your oracle potent and focused. Chose a number that feels right or looks pleasing to you. If later you become overwhelmed or constricted by the number you've chosen, you are free to change your mind!

5) Make a list.

Roughly map out the messages, words or symbols you'd like to include. Referencing other decks or divination systems can help you. You may find that your message list morphs and changes as you create your deck-- it's all part of the adventure.

6) Dive in and make the dang thing.

You have a theme, a plan, a form and a list of messages. Now it's time to create your oracle. Bust out your art supplies and bring your oracle to life. Make the experience extra magickal by creating in sacred space. Follow your intuition and have FUN.

7) Use it.

Now that you've created this powerful personal tool, it's time to incorporate it into your practice. Draw one card a day or design custom spreads to make the most of your oracle. Charge it up in your own style and give it a home in your sacred space.

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A Few More Tips:

  • Don't be afraid to have a variety of messages. Include stop and go images, growth and rest messages. Contrast gives our decks- and our lives- the spice it needs to tell a great story.

  • This creation is ONE divination tool. It's okay if it doesn't contain every idea, every word or every image known to witchdom. You can always create another set if you feel inspired!

  • We don't have to create it all at once. If you're in love with the idea of creating your own oracle, but feel overwhelmed by the project, take it in bite sized pieces. Perhaps you make one card a week or one a month. Enjoy the journey.

  • Add or redact images as you see fit. We're always growing and changing, so our tools will grow and change too. Revision is always an option.

Crafting your own oracle is a satisfying adventure. Break your vision down into small steps and you'll be thrilled with how powerful, beautiful and doable working with your own art witch oracle can be.


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2 Yorum

Jenny Field
Jenny Field
29 Eki 2023

Can I ask who you get to actually make the cards?


I just found your YouTube videos tonight while looking for info on art magick. I just wanted to tell you that I find you absolutely inspiring. Thank you.

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