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How To Be a Unicorn (with Coloring Pages)

Updated: Mar 8

How To Be a Unicorn...

1) Remember you are a Unicorn.

A Wonder. A Magical Creature full of gifts. A rare beastie of otherworldly beauty. Remembering our miraculous nature is half the battle. 2) Let the wind whip through your flowing mane and carry away all the lies you've ever been told.

What heavy ill fitting untruths are weighing you down? Give them to the wind and let the bright filament of your soul be free! (Flipping your hair whilst you shed is a Power Move.) 3) Grab a juicy pen and a piece of scented paper- write a list of all the difficulties you have faced and lived to tell the tale. Write down All the times you thought you wouldn't make it or couldn't do it or didn't know how to move forward...but DID.

Keep this list as a testament to your enchanting powers of Resilience. Place it somewhere special or carry it with you as a Unicorn Talisman.

4) Follow Your Own Horn. Unicorn wisdom embraces uniqueness, impossibility and freedom- make a new choice to follow your radiant heart.

Follow your own horn and to yourself be True.

Use your ethereal horn to test the quality of any given situation...

Does it pass the sniff test of your super discerning horn-wand of mightiness?

5) Rear up on your hind legs and use your opalescent hooves to punch hateful and unjust BS into the Void. *BYE* 6) Take pleasure in decorating yourself to reinforce your majestic Unicorn-y nature and negate discouragement. Possible Unicorn glamour allies include but are not limited to:

  • Glittery nail polish, wigs, tinsel lashes

  • sparkling pendants

  • disco pants, velvet shawls

  • an entourage of immortal nymphs...

7) Dip your horn into the waters to neutralize poison...

Allow your rarefied presence be so nourishing you create miracles just by being who you already are. You are a tonic, dear Unicorn. (It's true.) 8) Fill up your belly and amuse your pallet with mouthwatering colorful morsels. Unicorns feast on whatever they want: lichens, ripe berries, cupcakes, sweet grasses, summer peaches, flowers, cotton candy, sea cliff breezes, cream soda, 5th dimensional fruit salad... Unicorn fuel is anything that delights you! 9) Replenish your Unicorn essence by lounging in a perfumed rose garden, trotting through a shady woodland or playing games with folks who are young at heart.


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More Free Unicorn Resources for You...

How do you take care of your most magical self, Moon Baby?

How could you awaken the luminous play-loving creature in you?

Tell me about it!

The Unicorn in Me sees the Unicorn in You.


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Emily Webb
Emily Webb
Aug 31, 2023

Let your imagination run wild as you explore the enchanting world of unicorns through our beautifully designed unicorn coloring pages. They are not only fun to color, but they also provide a wonderful opportunity for children and adults alike to relax and de-stress. Our unicorn coloring pages are available for download at , so get ready to embark on a coloring adventure full of rainbows, glitter, and of course, unicorns!

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