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Green Magick Inspiration Round Up!

Let's discover bewitching and practical ways to enchant your life and invigorate your practice with a lush Green Magick round up, Moon Babies!

Embark on a Green Witch Scavenger Hunt.

Go on a solo adventure or bring along a wee witchling to explore nature and the magickal dimensions of your neighborhood.

Magick awaits around every corner and under every leaf...

Stuck inside? Use the guide to hunt for green magick in books, magazines, on Pinterest, or in your favorite witchy films.

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Invoke green magick and awaken your imagination with an Earth Art Challenge.

Take photographs, draw in your grimoire, create collages or pour out a new poem for each prompt.

How will you be inspired by the beauty of life all around you, Moon Baby?

Share your work and follow along on instagram with #earthmagickchallenge.

Follow along on instagram for more art witch adventures


Which plants can your forage for food and spell work?

Who is your favorite nature mystic?

Where are your power places?

Crack open your grimoire and explore green magick with 17 witchy art and journal prompts.

Need more prompts? Find all my grimoire prompts here.


Create your own enchanting Genius Loci altar.

The genius loci is the spirit (or spirits) of place.

Deepen your connection to your environment, honor the earth locally and open the doors to more magick by communicating with the genius loci.

Do you live in an concrete jungle and feel disconnected from the haunts of nature?

Discover even more ways to interact with the genius loci as an urban witch.

How will you work with the Spirit of Place, Moon Baby?

Access a gigantic library of magickal DIY videos and witchcraft chats on Patreon.


Craft your own rituals, tools and meditations to honor the earth with 13 Witchy Ways to Rock Earth Day.

There is BIG power in infusing new magick into existing cultural frameworks and using our creativity to empower them with meaning.

Discover ways to make Earth Day a potent spiritual sabbat of service and use your personal power to help and heal.


“The earth has music for those who listen.” - Shakespeare

Dance, wildcraft or play in your garden with the DIRTY WITCH soundtrack: an Earth Magick inspired playlist.

Want more moon dust to help you live your most magickal life? Play along with Moon Baby Mail.

Molly is an art witch, magick teacher and beauty seeker devoted to helping you reclaim your right to creative play and live the magickal life you were born to lead. 7 Things you should know about me.

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