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20 Fresh Grimoire Prompts for Spring

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

" Oh, Spring! I want to go out and feel you and get inspiration. My old things seem dead. I want fresh contacts, more vital searching." - Emily Carr

Whether you mark Ostara, Easter, The Vernal Equniox or Spring Transition, this lively season of new beginnings and fresh inspiration is primed for creative witchery.

Are you ready to shake off winter, celebrate spring and connect to your budding creative magick?

Let's tap into the rising energy of Spring with 20 Fresh Magickal Ideas for your Grimoire.


1) Play with found botanical stencils: Lay ferns, leaves, stems, sticks or silk flowers on the page and coat with spray paint. Remove plants to reveal intricate green magick backgrounds.

2) Find a thought provoking quote, poem or song about balance. Collage the quote into your book or try your hand at calligraphy.

3) Research or write your own recipe for a reviving vegetable soup or salad that includes fresh green shoots, herbs and vibrant colors to welcome spring energy into your body. Include the magickal properties of each ingredient!

4) Fold origami bunnies or hares and tuck them into your book to encourage the fertility of your creativity and growth as an art witch.

5) Spring BuJo Witchery: Draw a pie chart of how you are currently spending your time. Draw a second pie chart illustrating how you would like to spend your time to bring more balance and wellness into your daily life.

6) Let your inner child go wild and paint a field of spring flowers. Create flower petals by painting with your fingers or stamp and squish paint with bottle caps. Paint your bright flowers on a solid dark background for a bold zappy effect! Jump in and play.

7) Illustrate or list all the the ways you would like to grow as a witch this season.

8) Invoke fertility, hope, and good luck with egg images. Create patterned Ostara eggs using doilies, painted coffee filters, patterned fabric or cupcake liners.

9) Subtly suggest grounding energy and the growth of roots and shoots by making hot glue stamps. Using a hot glue gun, draw root-like shapes on repurposed cardboard. Use your stamp to create backgrounds and add organic textures to papers.

10) Celebrate Bees! Investigate bee goddesses and ancient bee imagery. Research bee friendly plant allies or write a prayer for the health and well being of bees everywhere.

11) Go out into your yard, neighborhood or local woodland and create a list of all the spring smells you experience--real and imagined. How many scents to you sense? (Love lists? Check out 30 List Prompts for Your Grimoire.)

12) Experience the equinox with a light and dark spread: One page light, the opposite page dark. What feelings does this stir up in you? Where does the composition wish to go? Follow your intuition. Bonus Challenge: See what happens if you limit yourself to only using only black and white.

13) Mix up a floral or woodsy spring inspired linen spray and include the recipe in your book.

14) Incorporate a seed packet as a pocket. Use a packet you have or create your own vintage inspired seed packet with images you find online.

15) How could you bless the land where you live? What might that ritual look like? Write down your ritual musings and do it.

16) Compose an entry with using a spiral as a focal point. You may wish to incorporate words, additional images or simply use colors to express the mystery and powerful symbolism of the spiral.

17) Make a sweet bread, cookie or chocolate bark that includes edible flowers like candied violets, pansies or lavender. Include your recipe in your book alongside images of your enchanted confections.

18) Bring playful spring breezes into your book with ribbons. Use ribbons to make braided bookmarks or tassels to embellish your grimoire.

19) Pen a seed blessing incantation. No garden to plant seeds? No problem-- pen a blessing for your houseplants or a favorite tree.

20) Many artists from cultures all over the world have created depictions of the Tree of Life. What does your Tree of Life look like? Add your own Tree of Life interpretation to your magickal book.

How will you celebrate the creative magick awakening in you, Moon Baby?

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Witch On, Witch Boldly and Be Well.

Molly is a witch, artist, teacher and beauty seeker dedicated to helping you ignite your creative spark and live your most magickal life. 7 Things to Know about Me.

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