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16 Grimoire Prompts for Yule Magick

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Yule doesn't get a lot of love in the grimoire scene.

My hunch is that many witches are energetically hungover from diving deep into Samhain, just aren't that interested in Yule or are stressed out by the commercial bonanza of Christmas.

Which is totally fair.

But a shame.

Yule is such a rich season full of ancient and curative magick.

The legends, lore and colorful cultural traditions from all over the world step out into view. Trees and plants evoke enchantment. Stories are steeped in the supernatural.

Lest we forget the cookies, Moon Babies. THE COOKIES.

Let's explore a bounty of festive prompts to help you stir up delight and celebrate the spirit of Yule in your own way, one page at a time.


1) Make a list of all the ways you could play with solar magick.

2) Write a letter to all the people throughout time who have observed and celebrated the solstice. What would you like them to know?

3) Tell a ghost story! Ghosts and stories of spirits have long been a part of winter celebrations. Use mythological or literary inspiration or develop a personal creation!

4) Chose a power word that you would like to embody and explore in the coming year. What will you invoke?

5) What does the Spirit of Generosity look like? Devise your own version through collage, drawing, or found photographs.

Watercolor illustrations of a few spirits of Yule.

6) Use melted snow and icicles with watercolor to infuse your grimoire with winter magick!

7) Create texture only pages inspired by the season: scaly pine cones, bare branches, plentiful pine needles...What do you see?

8) What does the phrase, "The Longest Night" conjure in your mind? A poem, a scene, painting, a song? Record it in your book.


9) Collage a monochromatic winter landscape using only newspaper.

10) Consider how the elements (earth, air, fire, and water) are currently expressing themselves where you live. Dedicate a spread to celebrating their presence! Learn more about creating art magick with the elements here.

11) Assemble a mandala composed of snowflakes: Flakes you snip yourself, confetti, die cuts, stickers or a wintry mix!

12) Collect songs that stir happy memories or inspire your magick and compile solstice playlist. (Listen to the Winter Witch Playlist for inspiration.)

13) Draw or collage an illustrated list of all the scents you associate with Yule. YUM.

14) Compose a new Yule carol by borrowing a familiar melody and inserting your own poetry.

15) If you don't have a hearth or fire place, create one in your grimoire.

16) Compile a list of self healing techniques to beat the winter blues.

How will you explore and express the beauty of Yule in your grimoire, Moon Baby?

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Molly is an art witch, teacher and beauty seeker dedicated to helping YOU life your most magickal life.

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