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18 Spooky Samhain Prompts for Your Grimoire

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

With paint and ribbon and pens we ride,

It's an art witch party for Samhaintide...

May I present to you, 18 Ideas to celebrate Samhain and witch-pack your grimoire this fall.

1) Create a bone themed page. Do you use bones in your craft? What does the word "bone" illicit in your imagination?

2) Research a local haunting. Is there a place known for paranormal activity? A place you personally feel the presence of the other? Draw a map, illustrate a comic or photo document the location.

3) Investigate augury and include personal auspices in a spread.

4) Spider Season. Play with crayon and water color resist or needle and thread to weave spiderwebs into your grimoire pages.

5) Paint faces on leaves to create a swarm of ghosts or plucky nature spirits.

6) What is your recipe for Samhain cider, party punch, sangria, coco or simmer pot?

7) Curate a playlist to honor the dead. Log songs that represent people you admire, family, pets or ancestors of tradition who have passed over.

8) Create a spread that includes a poem, song or quote about the nature of fear.

9) Make a 2D shrine for a loved one who has crossed over with an envelope or recycled greeting card to tuck into your book.

10) Write an "Ancestor", "Other world" or "Beyond" acrostic poem.

11) Have fun cutting windows and doors to and create your own "advent" style Samhain calendar.

12) Create your own divination game! Illustrate a page with oracular images or words. Toss a coin or dice onto the page and read the space where the coin lands. What wisdom awaits you?

Discover this divination spread tutorial

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13) Explore the underworld with pomegranate stamps, images or try painting with pomegranate juice.

14) Write a letter to a deceased person. historical, familial or inspirational. What would you thank them for? What would you like them to know? Ask for advice, guidance or assurance.

15) How many different varieties of pumpkin or gourd can you draw or document?

16) What scents do you associate with Samhain? Do you have a special incense blend recipe? What could you create using what you have in the pantry?

17) Collage with dyed coffee filters or used tea bags for a foggy spectral effect.

18) Explore a new form of divination: tasseomancy, bone throwing, wax pouring, crystal gazing, palm reading or dowsing. Dedicate a spread in your book to your findings...

How will you conjure the spirit of Samhain in your magick book, Moon Baby?



Molly is an art witch, teacher and Beauty seeker dedicated to helping YOU live your most magickal life.

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