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Autumn Art Witch Bucket List

Updated: Mar 8

Welcome, Moon Baby!
Your dorky art magick auntie is BACK with a few ideas for creatively enchanting your autumn with an Art Witch Autumn Bucket List.

Work with pumpkin seeds in your art magick.

Did you know that pumpkin seeds take dye, food coloring and paint beautifully? Harvest your own seeds or pick some up in the snack section to create seed art for prosperity, comfort and love. (In my book, Art Magick, you'll find a spell that uses a thrifted record and dyed pumpkin seeds to create an abundance charm.)

Forage for skeletal floral and sticks.

Go on a quest to appreciate the skeletal and sculptural beauty of flowers, seed pods and stems that have turned over and dried in place. Gather some of these treasures for wreaths, grimoire fodder, party decorations and spelled autumnal home décor. Usually, the colors of fall steal the show, but there is so much subtle beauty available in the world of form at this time.

Craft with corn husks.

Much like the afore mentioned pumpkin seeds, corn husks take on color easily and make for gorgeous art magick material. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add a bit of fabric dye and let the husks soak for a few hours. Voila! Colorful corn husks for brooms, bouquets, door decks and abundance workings.

Still life for a Still Life.

Try this autumnal grounding meditation: Arrange a still life of autumnal produce, natural objects or items that speak of the season to you. Light this arrangement with natural light from a window or get dramatic with a lamp or flashlight and spend a little time observing and painting or drawing this tableau of natural abundance.

When we work from life to create art, our mind gets very quiet. We are invited to slow way down. Try this next time you’re looking to relax and clear your mind.

Alternative Pumpkin Design.

If jack-o-lanterns are a thing where you live, stretch your creativity by trying a new technique for decorating or carving your pumpkins this year. You may also wish to incorporate wishes for your neighborhood or messages for wandering spirits into your porch enchantments. Get your friends, family and roomies involved.

What would be fun to try? What do you wish to add to the energetic mix of your community?

Try a No Buy Witchy Remix.

Challenge yourself and get inventive with a no buy witchy remix of your altar, Samhain and Halloween décor, spell ingredients or party supplies. In the U.S. this season has become notorious for piles of single use plastic. Deliberately choosing to repurpose, recycle or reinventing what we have tickles our genius and casts a spell of contentment.

It feels SO satisfying to appreciate what you have. Host a swap with your friends...and invite me!

Download a printable PDF for your Grimoire

Download PDF • 4.16MB

Do something that would make your ancestors proud.

That’s all.

Grimoire by Candlelight.

Work and play in your grimoire by candle light for a dash of hushed focus AND a spooky celebratory atmosphere. Working by candle light makes our actions feel sacred and romantic and we can easily slip in and out of time.

Make your treats a treat for the eyes.

Go ahead, make it special. Magick lives in the details.

Conjure delight where you can.

In a world where efficiency and hostility can masquerade as the norm, generosity is a subversive act of magick.

I hope this little bucket list inspires you to create magick YOUR way this season, Moon Baby.

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