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Art Magick Spells for Spring + Art Witch Bucket List

Updated: Mar 22

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Welcome, Moon Baby!
Grab a cuppa, come on in! Let’s brainstorm some fun, nourishing and POWERFULL Art Magick Spells for Spring with a Spring Art Witch Bucket List.

flying paint brush

Refresh an item in your home with a focus on enchantment.

Paint an item of furniture, or use stencils, decoupage, or contact paper to decorate housewares to revitalize your home with creative energy. (You can find a whole chapter on this in my upcoming book Rainbow Magick.)

Planter Spell for Inspiration & Insight.

Upcycle a plastic container into a planter spell for Inspiration and Wild Insight. Snuffle around in the recycling bin for a plastic container: milk carton, laundry detergent, empty cleaning product containers.

Cut the bottom off the bottom of the bottle and turn it upside down to make a planter.

Paint it with your own face, the face of a muse or a symbolic face to represent your Imagination.

Pop a houseplant or propagate your spring seeds in this container to foster the growth of new insights.


illustration of a planter

Experiment with Egg Tempera Paint.

We all know about decorating eggs for spring- but have you ever tried to paint with eggs?

Eggs correspond to luck, health, nourishment, protection, fertility and The Mystery. Tap into this stream of magick and tradition by crafting with your own egg tempera paint.

Create a Dream Incubation Egg.

Think of it like a spell bag in egg form.

Embellish a fillable plastic egg with paint, gold leaf, stone chips or any magicka materia you love.

Write the dreams you wish to nurture onto little scrolls and tuck them in the egg for safe keeping and encourage development.

Who do you wish to emerge as this season?

What big dreams need extra nourishment in the dark to grow strong? 

illustration of eggs and art supplies

Honor Your Messengers of Spring.

Notice what is awakening where you live. What is coming to life in your neighborhood, in your bioregion? (Not what marketing tells you is waking up, but what you actually notice.)

Who comes around when the tendrils of spring reach your part of the world?

Paint a stone, collage, draw, sculpt or alter a figurine to represent this messenger of spring and give them a place of honor on your altar.

illustration of a paint roller

Make a Mud Stencil.

Use this spell for spreading magick in your community, communication with the genius loci, grounding, earthy communion, releasing perfectionism, giving yourself permission to celebrate your WHOLE messy self. Wee!


• Mylar, overhead projector sheets or other sturdy plastic sheet

• Tape

• Craft knife

• Mud (You want a "paint" or "plaster" consistency.)

• Sponge or roller brush

• Container (like a paint tray) for your mud mixture

• Your design (drawn or printed). Images with bold lines are best as the mud may not fill in fine lines.

🌱Tape your design of choice to the back of the transparent material.

🌱Use the craft knife to cut and create a stencil.

🌱Coat the roller with the mud. Using a sponge or paint roller, fill in the stencil and carefully remove the transparent material. VOILA!

Paint your mud stencil image onto sidewalks, walls or fabrics.

Dabble in Natural Dyes.

Scour your fridge, pantry, and spice cabinet for magickal natural dye ingredients. You’d be surprised how many you already have!

Dye eggs, fabric, and paper ephemera for use in your enchanted art making.

illustration of spring craft ideas

Download a printable PDF for your Grimoire

Download PDF • 15.02MB

Want to receive doodle-filled love letters, moon dust and art magick musings?

Play along with Moon Baby Mail.

illustration of dancing art supplies

Seed Bomb Inspired Amulets.

We can use the symbolism of seed bombs to craft beads, trinkets, and amulets that inspire growth and regeneration.

A seed bomb is a ball of dirt, compost, and native seeds that is launched into a barren places to promote regreening and rewilding.

This spell borrows the essence of the seed bomb with the intention that the wearer bring their revitalizing magick wherever they go. Make an easy clay mixed with dirt and seeds to fashion beads, charms and wearables.


illustration of an amulet with ribbon


  • 2 Cups of Baking Soda

  • 1 Cup of Corn Starch

  • 1 & 1/2 Cups of Cold Water

  • a pinch of soil

  • a pinch of flower seeds of your choice

  • food coloring

🌱Place all ingredients into a cauldron. Cook at a medium heat and continuously stir the mixture.

🌱When the mixture resembles mashed potatoes, stir in the pinch of dirt and seeds. Transfer the mixture into a bowl and cover with a towel to cool.

🌱Once the clay has cooled, kneed until the clay is smooth.

🌱If the clay feels too wet, add cornstarch until you are satisfied with the texture. You may wish to add food coloring to imbue your clay with color magick.

🌱Allow your clay creation to air dry completely before embellishing with paint or other finishes.

Wear your amulet and remember...

May spaces be blessed by your presence
May magick follow you into sad and barren places
May you cultivate the seeds of creativity wherever you roam
May you be a beauty generator: Proof that life can and will return. 💖

I can’t wait to see what you create.

illustration of a frog and cauldron

I hope this little bucket list stirs up spring enchantment in YOU, Moon Baby.


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