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How To Do Art Magick

Updated: Mar 8

A quick and dirty 5 step process for creating potent art magick spells and unleashing the art witch in you!

Disclaimer: This is just how I do it, Moon Baby.

  • There is no right or wrong way to perform art magick.

  • This is a dogma free zone.

  • These suggestions are put forth with the intention of being helpful to the beginner.

  • All of these steps are flexible, wiggly and interchangeable. Wee!

Let's do art magick.

1) Pick a desire.

What do you want to do? What is your need, dream, wish, want, hope?

We can make art magick for a wide variety of practical magickal aims inluding but certainly not limited to...

  • emotional healing, self love, self care

  • protection

  • divination

  • enhancing our creativity, prosperity, love, well being

  • activism and community building

  • manifestation work

  • relaxation

  • FUN

  • general misery slaying!

Our desire is the focus of our art magick spell. Pick one and move to step two...

2. Choose your Media.

Media is another word for art supplies.

Paint, paper mache, pencils, yarn, leaves from your walk, stones, moon water, clay and ink are examples of media.

These are our spell ingredients.

Pick the media that you feel makes sense for your desire. Don't be tempted to over think it, Moon Baby. Have fun with it!

3. Consider Form.

The form is the structure your art magick spell will take.

Some examples of form...

  • Painting

  • Sculpture

  • Books

  • Coloring pages

  • Photography

  • Jewelry

  • Weaving

  • Assemblage

The form is how your spell is going to communicate your desire.

This communication can take place between self and self, self and universe or self and audience!

Let the form lean into the poetry of your creation.

What form best suits the desire?

Your intuition knows exactly what to do...

4. Scheme a Location

The location is the time and place we create our art magick.

Where and when are you going to cast this art spell?

On the full moon? On your birthday?

At dawn the solstice? On a Friday night when you have an hour to yourself?

  • Will you create this spell in your studio?

  • In consecrated space at your altar?

  • Under a tree?

  • In the parking lot of the library?

Considering the location adds another juicy layer of magickal meaning to your art magick.

5. Choose a Destination.

The destination of our spell is the context. Where is this finished art spell going to live?

Will your art magick be...

  • displayed on a personal altar

  • hung over your front door

  • in the pages of your grimoire

  • part of a painting exhibition

  • hidden in the hollow of a tree

  • tucked in a community garden

  • given as a gift?

Being mindful of the destination and context of our spell adds to its power and meaning.

That's it! Now it's time to make the thing!

Download your printable Art Magick Spell Planner to bring your art magick spells to life.

Download PDF • 9.42MB

Download PDF • 12.71MB

Want more art magick goodies and enchanting inspiration sprinkled in your inbox?

To Recap...

1) Choose a desire. What do I want?

2) Choose your media. What supplies will I use?

3) Choose your form. What shape will this art spell take?

4) Choose a location. Plot where and when to cast my spell...

5) Choose a destination. Where will this art spell live?

Mix and swap the steps to create an art magick spell as UNIQUE and POWERFUL as YOU are, Moon Baby.


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3 comentários

Amalia Greene
Amalia Greene
14 de dez. de 2023

Hello love. My nickname is Molly. I was wondering about how can I make my own Oracle cards? This my 1st time thinking about something like this... However I do my decorative wine glass decor. My name is Amalia.


Love your channel! Been watching you forever! The world needs more creativity and openness, now more than ever. I have been an art witch as long as I can remember. Your enthusiasm and energy can spark life into the most sedentary and lackadaisical witch! Thank you, Molly for your inspiration! Please make videos more often, as we solitary practitioners need a good "boot" up the rear in times of magickal stagnation. Hugs and kisses...from one art witch to another.


Miz A
Miz A
29 de nov. de 2022

Sweet! You've laid out the process nicely, Molly. Thank you for the planner pages. I've never considered that I could make art magick (even though I make art and I do magick, duh!). This gives me fun guidelines for trying.

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