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9 Ways to Start Art Witching (With Doodles & Printable)

Updated: Mar 8

Want to explore art magick but not sure how to start?
Or maybe your craft is in a slump and you need a friendly challenge to get your magick moving again?

Let's get your art magick FLOWING with 9 ways to dive in and start creating art magick today.

1) Draw, Paint or Doodle a picture of your heart's TRUEST DESIRE

Okay, it's a doozy to start but art magick doesn't have to be fancy.

Grab a piece of paper and create a picture of your hearts truest desire.

Whatever that desire is. There is no right or wrong answer.

True Love

Planting 100 trees

Having psychic powers

Healing from trauma

Writing a graphic novel

Care-taking an island of friendly cats

Creating images of our wishes, goals, dreams, wants, needs and desires is POWERFUL magick.

Use what you have on hand right now: crayons, chalk, colored pencil, watercolor, oil pastel, gel pens, paint markers, acrylic paint, cut paper, or a pencil!

2) Send Enchanted Snail Mail

Send a miniature art spell through the post.

  • Decorate an envelope and dab it with perfume.

  • Alter a postcard or book page with pens and paint.

  • Write a beautiful wish or a heartfelt note to a friend.

  • Make a magickal sticker out of a mailing label.

  • Create confetti from blessed paper.

  • Sprinkle flower petals in a love note and send it off to someone you care about.

You know how fun it is to receive love mail??

It's even more fun to send it!

3) Color Mindfully as Meditation

Color as a form of meditation. Go to your sacred nook or altar. Choose a coloring page that suits your mood or magickal aim. Light a candle and enjoy a session of mindful coloring.

Looking for witchy coloring pages? Find a collection of free coloring pages here.

4) Decorate a recycled object for your Altar

What do you have laying around that wants to be refreshed and given a new life?

Paint a porcelain cat knick knack a bold color to stand in as an animal guide

Decorate a glass bottle to house your secret spells

Embellish a plant pot with paint markers

Transform an old jelly jar into an ancestral lantern or votive

Trash is the muse of the art witch!

5) Create a Portrait of Your Most *POWERFUL* Self

What do you wish to feel? What does your most magickal, most empowered WHOLE self look like?

Photo collage, draw or paint this version of yourself or play dress up and enjoy a powerful photo shoot!

Create a portrait of your most powerful self in your grimoire as a talisman for growth.

6) Craft a Piece of Wearable Art Magick

Buttons, pins, jewelry, charms, key chains, patches, bags and hair accessories are all FUN and wonderful ways to bring your art magick with you through the day.

  • Make a pinback button for courage

  • A necklace for healing

  • Try making resin charms

  • Paint a pair of thrift store earrings in your power color

  • Dye a pair of canvas sneakers to bring the Spirit of Play with you wherever you roam...

7) Cut & Paste a Mini Collage for Your Wallet

Create an itty bitty art spell to carry in your wallet by collaging a business card with images, stickers and words for luck, smooth travel, opportunities, abundance or anything else your heart desires.

8) Design a Magickal Stamp

Using a craft knife, carve a personal symbol into a pink eraser. BOOM. Instant magickal stamp!

Use this stamp to sign letters and petition papers, empower your grimoire pages, make personalized enchanted stationary or seal your spells.

9) Hide an Art Spell in Public

This is ninja level art witching. YOU CAN DO IT.

Tuck a secret drawing into a library book to attract magickal coconspirators

Stash an origami frog in the grocery store to spread abundance and joy

Draw symbols and inspired scenes on the sidewalk with chalk

Post a collage for peace on the laundromat bulletin board

How can you enchant your building, neighborhood, workplace or your city with your art magick?


Want to make your art magick missions into a game? Play along with ART MAGICK BINGO.

DOWNLOAD your Art Magick Bingo Printable.

Get three in row or fill up the WHOLE card. You can do it!


Download PDF • 1.87MB

Want more goodies like this?

It doesn't matter WHAT you create-

only that you start, Moon Baby.

I can't wait to see what kind of magick YOU create.

WITCH ON, Witch Boldly and HAVE FUN.

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1 Comment

Jan 26, 2022

I absolutely love all these ideas. Thank you so much Molly! ❤️❤️❤️

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