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Witchy Snail Mail Ideas

Updated: Mar 8

Sending spellbound snail mail is a FUN and accessible way to bring magick into the lives witchy pen pals and those you love. 

Let's talk about ways to use snail mail spells and how you can make one!

Ways You Can Use Snail Mail Spells

To send Healing

To lend encouragement and support

To alleviate loneliness

To reconnect or rekindle a relationship

To reconcile relationships

To celebrate a special day or achievement

To send condolences and share in the grieving process

To develop friendships

To build community

To delight and spread joy!

How To Create Magickal Snail Mail

1) Choose someone(s) to you'd like to send enchanted snail mail to and gather your supplies.

2) Set up a little sacred space. Create a sacred work space by lighting a candle, burning incense or any other ways you like to consecrate space in your practice.

3) Take a moment to bring the snail mail recipient to mind. Hold a feeling, image or word in your mind of what you would like to communicate with your snail mail spell.

Is that feeling love, comfort, peace, understanding, silliness or happiness? Keep this thought with you as you create the snail mail.

4) Make your art magick!

Ideas for Witchy Snail Mail

  • An altered post card

  • A ribbon charm/knot magick

  • An illustration of the recipient being happy and well

  • Blessed coins, confetti or play money

  • Seeds or seed paper

  • An artist trading card or altered playing card

  • Dried herbs or flowers

  • Completed coloring spells

  • Origami

  • A tarot or oracle card relevant to the recipient

  • Paper fortune tellers

  • Loose powdered incense

  • Prayer cards

  • Paper dolls

  • Ephemera for grimoires, journals or planners

  • Bookmarks

  • Zines

  • Spell powders

  • Mini bunting (perfect for collage or incorporating sigils and wishes...)

  • A link to a secret playlist of magickal music

  • Tea bag

  • Recipe cards

  • Sigils or symbols relevant to the recipient

  • Wax paper sun catchers

  • Poetry by your favorite poet or a poem you've written

Witch Tip: Spend time on the envelope too. The envelope is how your recipient will first interact with the spell- it let's the recipient know they're holding something special.

Decorate the envelope with collage, stickers, paint, or stamps.

5) Bless the envelope.

Take your time writing the recipients name as beautifully as possible- visualizing them being delighted and well as you do.

Pass the envelope through incense or dab the edges of the envelope with perfume or a corresponding spell oil (ie: luck, healing, love, protection) .

Licking the flap to activate the adhesive on the envelope is the *perfect* way to seal the spell!

Your snail mail spell is ready to roll!

Pop your spell in the mailbox and the postal daemons will see to the rest...

Who in your life could use a little magick through the mail, Moon Baby?


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05. maalisk. 2022

This & the YT-Video is AMAZING! ●●●I checked your site & it says your Magickal Ephemera us "Out of Stock." Will you be creating anymore? I'd be Honored to get my hands on anything You Masterfully Created with Your Art Magick! ~🙏💙🙏Much Graditude, Erica🙏💙🙏~

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