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5 Ways to Use Color Magick

author holding a rainbow

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Color magick isn't just for candles, Moon Baby.
It is an enchanting way of Life

Let's look at 5 easy-peasy ways to weave rainbow magick for more joy, inspiration and FUN

Color magick can be performed intuitively OR with the aid of correspondences.

 In magick, a correspondence is a relationship between objects, plants, stones, planets, sounds, food, feelings, landscapes or seasons.

Correspondences may be rooted in tradition OR based on the observations and personal experiences of the witch.

Here's an at-a-glance rainbow magick correspondence guide for art witches:

worksheet featuring colors of the rainbow and their magickal attributes

🌈 Create a monochromatic mandala in sacred space to amplify your intent.

Get started engaging with color magick by creating a monochromatic mandala. Monochromatic means one color. Use items of a similar color to arrange a mandala: crayons, colored pencils, flower petals, paint tubes, rocks, buttons or bits of colorful paper.

Use this potent color meditation to focus your attention, stimulate your imagination and calm a scattered mind.

🌈 Prepare a color potion for vitality and power.

Pair up the alchemical properties of food with the power of color magick to create potions:

🫖Low creative drive? Try a stimulating vanilla orange juice to bolster inspiration.

🫖Hurting heart?  Sip a cooling green smoothie for emotional healing.

🫖Need oomph in the passion department? Brew a robust ruby hibiscus tea.

How could you incorporate color magick into your kitchen witchery and selfcare?

tea cup with rainbow

🌈Enchant your home with color.

Bring magick into your living space with intentional color choices:

🕯️A grey fuzzy throw to neutralize chaotic high-traffic throughway.

🕯️A flirty pink pillow in the bedroom to encourage sweet dreams.

🕯️A green abstract painting in the bathroom for a revitalizing atmosphere.

Assess items you already have and rearrange to refresh and enchant your dwelling.

🌈  Move & Cleanse with Color.

Put your favorite playlist on shuffle.

Then, close your eyes and imagine the color of the song:

Are the sounds bold and bright?

Translucent and cool?

Allow images or colors to surface in your imagination and inform your movements as you dance along. 

See or Feel the colors of the music move through your body to clear out stuckness and rouse your genius.

Prepare to feel awesome.

drawing of a bunny mask, gloves and hand mirror

🌈 Use your closet as a magickal treasure trove. 

Every item in your closet has the potential for rainbow sorcery!

 Give yourself permission to play and dabble in rainbow glamour magick.

💍Red socks for motivation...

💍Purple blazer to invoke the wizard within...

💍Chunky gold necklace for vitality and regal confidence... 

How can you greet your wearables with fresh perspective.

GO FORTH and electrify your day with a rainbow glamour.

color magick worksheet

Download PDF • 7.35MB

Want to receive doodle-filled love letters, moon dust and art magick musings just like this?

illustration of dancing art supplies

May these color magick ideas stir up enchantment in YOU, Moon Baby.

I can't wait to see what you create. ❤️‍🔥


portrait of the author

cover of the book, Rainbow Magick

Are you a Rainbowmancer?

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