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13 Magickal Fall Grimoire Prompts

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”
― Jim Bishop

The golden, misty, mellow, bountiful and mysterious magick of autumn stirs colors in the soul of the Art Witch.

Let's explore a bushel of ways to bring your creative magick out to play this season with 13 Autumn Prompts for your grimoire, book of shadows and magickal journal practice.


1) Record an autumn color collection. Create a page cataloguing the autumnal colors you notice in your environment to heighten your magickal vision and drink in the seasonal beauty.

2) Dab cobs of corn with paint or ink. Roll the corn cob onto the page for harvest inspired textured backgrounds or papers for later use.

3) Create a page dedicated to all of the beautiful poetic names for the autumn moons: Harvest Moon, Singing Moon, Wine Moon, Sturgeon Moon. Make up a name for a full moon inspired by your own environment.

4) Write a list of all the teachers you are grateful for: spiritual, craft, vocation, ancestral, animal, digital and academic teachers. (Find 25 more Magickal List Ideas here.)

5) Trees are the star of autumn. Dedicate a page to honoring Dryads! Leave your book in a tree overnight for tree blessings and green magick inspiration.

6) Experiment painting with fruit juices to invoke bountiful harvest energy. Try pomegranate, cranberry, berries and wine.

7) Use acrylic paint, paint pens or metallic paint to decorate dry leaves with patterns, words of power and symbols for all the blessings of the season.

8) Make a cornucopia shaped pocket. The cornucopia is a powerful symbol nourishment and spiritual abundance. Tuck drawings, magazine cuttings, words or symbols inside the cornucopia pocket to invite abundance and gratitude.

9) Write an affirmation to help you navigate change gracefully.

10) Use boxing tape to create specimen tags of autumn herbs, flowers and leaves. Sprinkle or place your dry botanical specimen on the sticky side of the clear tape. Seal with a second piece of tape and burnish out the air bubbles until the tape is flat. (These make fabulous mini spell book marks!)

11) Compose a letter to Themis, the goddess of Balance, Justice and Equality. (Her feast day is September 28th.) Ask her to imbue you with Reason, Fairness, Truth and Justice.

12) Mushrooms galore! Celebrate mushroom magick in your book: Draw mushrooms from life, write a recipe using mushrooms, learn the names of mushrooms in your area or research mushroom myths and lore.

13) Create a dark mirror in your book. Paint one side of a piece of clear plastic packaging or page protector with black paint. Adhere the plastic to your grimoire page *shiny side out*, painted side in. (This gives you a reflective surface.) Draw or collage a frame for your dark mirror and scry away!

How will you unleash your creative magick in your book this autumn, Moon Baby?

I can't WAIT to see what you create.

WITCH ON. Witch Boldly & Be Well.


Molly is an artist, witch, teacher and author dedicated to helping you unleash your creative magick. Support this work and access a treasure chest of art magick video tutorials and talks on Patreon.

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