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Not an Artist: 25 No Draw Ideas to Enchant Your Grimoire

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

"I'm not an art witch, I can't draw."

"How do I work in my grimoire if I'm not an artist?"

Moon Baby, I'm so glad you asked.

In our recent Grimoire Club Q&A there were tons of questions about how to work in your grimoire if you're not an artist.
Don't worry. I've got you, Moon Baby.

Firstly, let's investigate the word artist, yes?

The etymology of the word artist reveals the cultivation of a skill in an art or craft: poetry, history, astrology, comedy, dance, theater or visual arts. (I think we can easily add witchcraft to this list!)

The important part here being cultivation.

Notice, it does not say mastery, famous, outstanding, shared-all-over-instagram.

Cultivation = something we work on. Something we practice. Something we grow.

Odds are very *very* good, that if you are reading this, you are cultivating--

Cultivating creativity and magick.

Cultivation makes you an artist.

It's safe to think about yourself as an artist, Moon Baby.

Secondly, "artistic" doesn't necessarily mean "drawer" or "painter".

Art witches might be:



word smiths,

performance artists,




collage artists,

burlesque artists,

print makers,

book binders,

Make up sorcerers,

coloring book wizards,

interior decorators,

knitters, sewers, embroiderers,

jewelry tinkerers,

fashion designers,


Origami enthusiasts,

installation creators,

altar tenders,

candle makers...

Art witchery and creative magick is a SEA of possibilities.

Don't allow "not a drawer" to rob you of creative power.
You are an Art Witch.

Lastly, your grimoire doesn't need to be full of detailed paintings or painstaking drawings to be powerful and overflowing with your creative magick.

So how do we get there?

If we don't need to draw or paint, how do we get our gorgeous grimoire?

Let's look at 25 alternate "non drawing" ways to personalize, decorate and empower your grimoire.


1) Take your own photographs. Personalize your grimoire by documenting your own practice. Include portraits, ritual set ups, images of outdoor spaces you love or kitchen witching projects.

2) Work with scent. Dab the corners of the pages with magickal oils or a spritz of your own perfume to enchant your book.

3) Create a special pen or writing tool. If you love to journal, consider creating and consecrating a special pen for use in your grimoire. Is it covered in beads? Does it look like wand? Would it be inspiring to write with a quill?

4) Use printables. Make use of the free printables here on this blog or find printable pages that suit your style!

5) Invent or research a magickal alphabet. Bring more fun and mystery to your grimoire by writing entries using a magickal alphabet or code.

6) Include found poetry. Create black out poetry or found poetry with markers or paint to invoke a feeling of secrecy...

7) Got broken jewelry? Glue it on the cover!

8) Recycle wrapping paper to cover your book, line your journal or create book marks.

9) Use a scrap of fabric or family memento to personalize your grimoire. Pieces of old blankets or the clothing of loved ones add intimacy to your book and bring a history of their own.

10) Experiment with writing on different kinds of paper: crinkly paper, homemade paper, old mail, tissue paper, napkins or scrapbook papers.

11) Write recipe cards and tuck them throughout the book.

12) Use a stencil to add interest to the cover or page corners. Purchase a stencil or create your own.

13) Add coloring pages to your book. Discover 22 printable witchy coloring spells here.

14) Use brads to attach playing cards, tarot cards, photographs, leaves or notes to pages.

15) Drip candle wax on the cover!

Download PDF • 1.36MB

16) Decoupage fabric scraps on the outside or inside cover.

17) Try writing entries in different directions. Turn your book upside down, write in a spiral or create a shape with your writing.

18) Make an enchanted ink to use in your grimoire. (You'll find my favorite recipe at towards the end of this post.)

19) Repurpose calendar pages to create covers and dividers.

20) Experiment with xerox and photo transfers.

21) Print out and paste banners and boarders to decorate your entries.

22) What does your grimoire sound like? Add bells, charms, shells or jingling keys.

23) Stamps! Rubber stamps, potato stamps, styrofoam stamps, leaves -- Try using things that aren't stamps to stamp and see what happens.

24) Spray the pages with coffee, soy sauce, or hibiscus tea for a mottled ancient vibe. (I have an entire book devoted to "sprayed" pages, and I find it quite elegant and beautiful without any imagery.)

25) Play with washi tape: create boarders, tabs, bullet points, seal envelopes, decorate covers or secure magickal curio in your grimoire.


Download PDF • 1.36MB

Download Your Printable PDF Here, Moon Baby.


You don't have to be Michelangelo to create a meaningful and beautiful arty grimoire, Moon Baby.

Art magick is so much more than drawing.

Art magick is for Everyone.

And You are an artist.

I know you can do it.

How will you enchant your book?

Your practice?

Your world?

Discover More Grimoire Prompts Here

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Molly is an art witch, teacher and beauty seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life. Are YOU an art witch? 7 Signs You Were BORN To Be an Art Witch.

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