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Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Folks ask ALL the time: What is your secret to magickal life?
A wonder filled life?
An enchanting life?

It's going to be different for everyone, but in my experience as an artist, witch and wonder seeker magick hasn't come from amassing the right tools (even though I love me a good goblin-y pile of witchy bits)

or waiting for auspicious astrological seasons (even though I love waiting for auspicious astrological seasons...)

It's so much easier than that, Moon Baby.

A magickal life springs from a willingness to be enchanted... and planning.

The secret sauce to a magickal life is planning.

Yes, your cookie munching Taurus friend is here to assure you with massive love that magick can come from your calendar.

Before you click away and die of boredom, hear me out...

The word "Planning" used to make my nose curl up into something that looks like a pinkish vampire bat.

NEVER! You shall never contain my chaos! Planning is not spontaneous! I need to be wild and FREE and spontaneous!! Magick cannot be planned!!

My resistance to to planning did maintain my tornado of creativity.

It also left me overwhelmed, exhausted, in debt and hating pretty much everything.

Yes, I was a very "free" hurricane, but I wasn't having any FUN either.


Planning creates pockets of time for beautiful moments to unfold,

for coziness to abound,

to set boundaries,

to CREATE enchanting moments,

and the presence of mind to notice magick all around us.

See what I'm saying?

Planning is tres witchy, my friends.

Sometimes the holidays and winter celebration season can be overwhelming: more like being hit by a dump truck of obligations and emotional sore spots than wonderment, myth and restorative magick.

You can absolutely have an truly enchanting, meaningful, nurturing Yuletide, Moon Baby.

How? You guessed it...

Plan for it! Spend an hour conjuring the season as YOU see fit.
To help you navigate your winter celebrations with comfort and joy, I made a free magickal planner *just* for you.

Pour yourself a cuppa, print your planner, grab your favorite juicy pen and create a roadmap to YOUR enchanted Yuletide.

What's inside?

10 Pages of Yuletide Magick including pages and prompts for:

  • Ritual planning and seasonal spell casting

  • Crafts and handmade magick

  • Decorating and beautifying your home and altar for the season

  • Blank Yule Ritual page for your grimoire

  • Kitchen witchery and recipe planning

  • Important dates & gatherings

  • Winter Self Care

  • Creating New Traditions you LOVE

  • Magickal To Do List to make your enchanted winter dreams come true.


Download PDF • 71.19MB

Go forth and PLAN to live the magickal life you deserve, Moon Baby!

Wishing you all of the blessings of the season,

Wherever you are in the world.


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