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Grimoire Prompts and Printables for Yule Magick

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

2020 has been challenging in so many ways, Moon Babies. This Yule, I'm making a special effort to bring my creativity to the solstice season:
Things may be different, but with a bit of imagination--it can still be magickal.

One of the ways I'm keeping my magick flowing and adapting is by celebrating in my grimoire.

Let's explore fun (and different) ways you can bring creative Yule witchery to your journal, book of shadows, or grimoire and make this solstice season your most magickal yet. WITCH ON!

Create a stone labyrinth for meditation in your book with cut paper. Paint paper in earthy tones, and then cut the paper into rock shapes and glue the shape into your book in a spiral pattern.

Research ways to magickally tend to your kitchen. There are many helpful kitchen spirits, gods and folk magick traditions that will imbue your kitchen with comfort and joy as you tuck in for the winter.

Develop your own forest inspired loose incense blend or simmer pot recipe. Think fir, bergamot, eucalyptus, cedar, pine and mint. What do the devas of these plants look like, sound like, smell like? How might you use this recipe?

Write an invocation to the elements using poetic images of the season: Air as icy winds or dawn sunlight over the a frozen lake, water as glimmering icicle, fire as the neighborhood swathed in flickering twinkle lights. How many poetic seasonally specific images can you conjure?

Io Saturnalia! Dig in and learn about the magick of Saturn as an archetype, god form and astrological influence. Despite being written off as the nasty malefic of the cosmos, Saturn magick teaches us about boundaries, sovereignty and long term goals. How is Saturn playing out in your life right now?


Download your free Yule Grimoire Printables Here
Download PDF • 1.93MB


Dedicate a page to La Befana- the Christmas Witch! Well, not exactly Christmas; She's the Epiphany Witch! This wonderful figure in Italian folklore delivers presents to children on January 6th. Does your tradition include a supernatural gift giving figure? Honor their magick in your grimoire!

A powerful magical theme of the darkest night and the long nights of winter is personal alchemy. Create an image of yourself sitting inside an alembic vessel to invite transformation into your life and encourage this alchemy to take place.

Holly, Mistletoe and Ivy deck our halls and altars: but what do we know about these sacred plants? Explore the fascinating mythologies of these winter plant allies to deepen your relationship. Record your findings.


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Consider creating your own advent tradition. Traditionally, advent is four week long spiritual preparation observed by lighting candles to count down to the Christmas celebration. How could you use this model to form your own tradition and invite contemplation and meditation into your solstice season? What might your witchy advent look like?

Write a spell for absorbing the striking pallet of winter sunsets (or sun rises) to imbue yourself with the beauty of nature.

Misrule! Ancient Saturnalia celebrations included major foolishness. Invoke the energy of misrule with a list of your favorite jokes, images that make you laugh, naughty magick and trickster spirit inspirations .


How will you find ways to keep your spirits strong and create beauty this Yule, Moon Baby?

Wishing you all the colors, comfort, joy and MAGICK of the season- from my home to yours.

More Yule Magick:


Molly is an artist, author and practicing witch with a dream to help you live your most magickal life. Play along with Moon Baby Mail to have moon dust, magickal inspiration and course updates sprinkled (occasionally) in your inbox!

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