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Winter Art Witch Bucket List

Updated: Mar 8

Welcome, Moon Baby!
Grab a cuppa of something delicious and come on in to the studio. In this post we'll explore a bucket list of art witch quests to make magick ALL winter long.

Play with ice process paintings.

Process painting is exactly what it sounds like- the process is what creates the painting. The results tend to be unpredictable, abstract and delightful.

Create paint with ice by mixing food coloring or liquid watercolor into water and freezing it in ice cube trays. Lay the colored cubes onto your paper or canvas and see what the melting process creates!

A fun variation on this process is fizzy ice paint...

Start with 1 Cup of water. Add roughly 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup corn starch. Squeeze in food coloring or liquid watercolor and mix well. Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze.

To activate your fizzing ice paint, squeeze vinegar over the top! So satisfying.

Get extra witchy with your ice process paintings by utilizing different kinds of water: storm water, blizzard water, first snowfall water or water from a sacred place.

Enchant an item with visible mending.

According to the Embroiderers Guild of America visible mending is "an ornamental approach to repairing an item. Rather than trying to mask the area where the item was damaged, the goal is to highlight these imperfections in a creative, eye-catching way. A combination of techniques and materials can be used to extend the life of an item which is otherwise in good condition, save a small hole, rip or tear."


Visible makes the object cooler that it was before! This kind of sewing is perfect for creative expression and low key witchcraft. Fiber arts are inherently witchy! The meditative nature of stitching, the symbolism of making repairs, weaving color magick and decorative spells. Save an item from the landfill with a visible mending project.

Custom Candles for Dark Nights.

Pillar and taper candles are great canvases for acrylic paint and paint pens. (I like to procure my candles from the candle graveyard AKA goodwill.)

Make prayer candles, wish candles, celebratory festive candles, candles as gifts or to don your altar.

Hunt for Winter Pallets.

It’s easy to look at a winter landscape, especially if you live in the city and say, "Bleh, it’s grey and brown and bleak." But is it really?

Go on a quest to inquire into winter colors around you. Snow takes on colors and shadows that change throughout the day. Winter skies can be particularly vivid.

If a scene does feel drab, use your magickal vision to notice, give those colors names and record them in your grimoire. This is subtle genius loci work.

Make art you plan to burn.

Create a work of art you plan to ritualistically burn as a form of emotional or spiritual release. Maybe there are events, habits or situations from the past year you’d like to torch. Make artwork to represent what you wish to cleanse, banish or release and move into the new year lighter and freer.

What could you create and toss into the fire this winter? Cheers to your freedom!

Curate a nature table.

Remember the nature table from grade school? Bring back the joy of a nature table by bringing things in from your daily round: pinecones, stones, twigs, feathers…

Tap into your inner crow and collect exciting bits from nature. It can be difficult to get outdoors in the winter, so going on little missions to add to your nature table, windowsill or altar can keep us connected.

Use these objects as an installation, record them visually in your grimoire or use them in your art magick spells.

Window Paint Spells.

Paint your windows with a mixture of soap and paint: paint sun imagery to invite solar qualities into your home, or icicles for clarity, snow flakes for unique ideas or just change up your surroundings because you’re going a little stir crazy…

(When you're ready to remove your paintings, just wipe down the windows with a sponge and warm water.)

Use these spells as a meditation on light and play. What is illuminated for you?

Download a printable PDF for your Grimoire

Download PDF • 7.70MB

Want to receive doodle-filled love letters, moon dust and art magick musings?

Play along with Moon Baby Mail.

Construct magickal installations.

If you’re indoors for most of the winter this is an opportune time to create magickal installations. An installation is a site specific artwork. We can make site specific art spells in our own homes and work places.

Maybe your installation inhabits a hallway, a corner of a room, a ceiling, a wall of your studio or a tent in your living room. Use your intentional magickal installation for ritual, creative retreat, festive fun, or cozy reprieve from the weather.


Spells of Inclusion.

Use art magick to reach out and include people this winter. A quick google search will reveal all the ways your community is calling out for art witches through volunteer opportunities or meaningful donations.

Or we can simply invite folk in your creative play- whether it is a craft night with friends, putting together a fun activity for littles, or a zoom to chat with one other person to mindfully make...

ALL spells of inclusion are potent.
When despair, discord and loneliness are rampant- you have the power to cast the counter spell of Inclusion.
You are rich in talent. You are BRIMMING with power.
The world is ready for your unique magick, Moon Baby.

I can’t wait to see what you create.

I hope this little bucket list inspires you to create enchantment all winter long, Moon Baby.


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