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60 Powerful Love Spells to Try Now

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Do you want to be a Love Magnet?
Become an irresistible presence and magickal accomplice for Good?

ME TOO, Moon Baby. We can achieve it with spells.

There is so much freedom, so much power in casting a spell.

A spell can be any action, arrangement or movement infused with intention.

Let's play with 60 spells to draw Love to us and create more healing Love in the world, witches.

Plant a seed. Anywhere.

Read aloud to someone you love or someone who needs love.

Call a friend to let them know you're thinking of them.

Sneak a love note into a library book.

Leave a 5 star review for a business, artist, service or restaurant you enjoy.

Write a loving word on the sidewalk with chalk.

Decide you're just going to listen. Let the other person talk.

Make a bird feeder.

Bake blessed cupcakes to share at work.

Be willing to teach & share your knowledge.

Acknowledge other humans and animals when you cross paths.

Sneakily assemble a spontaneous altar to Love in an alley.

Walk a shelter animal or your own companion animal.

Make food for a friend struggling with their mental health.

When kissing someone, imagine that person Whole, Happy and Well.


Pass on an inspiring book to a friend who would benefit from the information.

Donate blood. Donate art. Donate Time.

Pin art to the coffee shop or laundromat bulletin board.

Check in on your friend. You know, the one who always "has it together".

Share the work of an artist or musician you enjoy.

Bless people and places with your words.

Create a small handmade gift.

Offer sincere thanks.

Color a spell and mail it to someone in need.

Feed your body in a beautiful nourishing way.

Pick up trash. (Really. Any trash will do.)

Start or join a carpool.

Learn kind words in another language & practice using those words.

Leave a generous tip.

Flirt with a person's imagination.

Plant for the bees.

Craft with a young person.

Craft with an old person.

Pen a love letter. Leave it in a strange mailbox.

Introduce yourself.


Say something generous and kind about an acquaintance behind their back.

Research your local representatives and contact them.

Pretend you are a fairy godmother. Do the *first* thing that pops into your mind.

Include people. Invite people.

Ask google how you can help. (When a person is too burdened to explain, we can help by helping ourselves. Research is a loving act.)

When you feel rage-y, scream into a hole, go outside and be healed by a tree.

Whatever you need more of - Love, Compassion, Acceptance- give it to others and watch it grow in you.

Share your talents. All of your talents. Especially the weird ones.

Suggest a gathering: big, small, intimate or spontaneous.

Meditate to harmonize your body and thoughts.

Do something kind in secret...for someone you don't like.

Encourage someone.


Go on a quest (scavenger hunt) for 5 examples of Love at work in the world.

Do your shadow work.

Fill your mind with images of beauty.

Recite poetry to yourself on the bus.

Forgive yourself.

Liberally sprinkle juicy genuine complements on anyone near you.

Give yourself a face massage or offer a back scratch.

Find something beautiful about the space you're in and name it out loud.

Start that gratitude journal.

Give a talisman of love & luck to someone who could use it.

Choose one thing you will start taking less seriously.

Offer loving touch with permission.

Cleanse all spaces with laughter.

Tell someone you love them. Today.

You have the power and gifts to cast potent love spells in every direction, Moon Baby.
Fill up your heart, heal your world and have FUN, Witches.

Want more magick? Sign up for Moon Baby Mail here.

Witch On, Witch Boldly, Be Well--

and walk in LOVE.

Molly is an Art Witch, teacher and Beauty Seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life.


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