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Art Magick for Imbolc Printable

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I laid my crusty paint brushes on the altar and sprinkled them with salt and blessed water.
By candle light, I asked Brigid, the goddess of creativity, crafts and "fire in the head" to bless these tools, make them wands for Healing, Joy and Bad Assery.

Imbolc was the first witchy holiday I ever celebrated.

This quiet moment of the year is very dear to my heart. While in my neck of the woods, spring is a LONG way off-- it still feels like a time of stirring, A time of finding our way back to our creative fires. How does your flame feel, Moon Baby? Is it a flickering birthday candle? A smoldering ember? A bonfire complete with prancing witches? Or maybe your flame feels extinguished? That's okay. All it takes is a tiny spark.

Fan your flame and light up your Imbolc, Mid Winter and Spring Transition celebrations with art magick.


Find tutorials for all of these projects here:


Whether you honor the Celtic fire festival of Imbolc,

mark mid winter, celebrate the transition into spring

or just need to beat the winter blahs-

Art Magick will connect you to the poetry of the season and fuel your creative fire.

Are you ready to step into your power, Art Witch?

Learn how to create enchanted art and live the creative magick-filled life of your dreams here.



Molly is an art witch, teacher, and beauty seeker dedicated to helping you live your most magickal life.

Want more Art Magick inspiration, Moon Baby?

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